Our Healing Stones

“These are some things I’ve learned along the way… And is the process I took to lead me here to you. May you find yourself True as I found me.” – Anna Imagination

I am a Bard who found myself in Education and Learning. For 40 years, I have done nothing else, but Learn. I am a Master Philosopher of Learning, Teaching, and Education… which is why I am a Bard. Because I know how you learn.


And laughter 😉

I’m corny on purpose. First lesson of Learning, don’t take yourself so seriously. Play. Laugh. Smile again.

I am a Storybook Character. This way, a lot of people who aren’t ready can understand me and make sense of me. I’m a living story.

How I “got this way” is a story, but all you need to know now is that I am a Bard who lays “Learning Stones.” Follow the Learning Stones wherever your Intuition leads you. Listen to your Intuition.

– Anna Imagination


Are you told you are “too intense?”

Intensity is Physics in the “volume” of Frequencies in Sound. This is Google-able.

I = PA is the Formula you will need. It means Power in an Area = Intensity. You will need Transformers to distribute, siphon, and control your Power.

Google Machu Picchu and the HUACA. This is an example of a Natural “Power” Source with Transformers.

Art, Creation, and Building, Work, are all Transformers.

Using Art, Expression, and Projects to transfer your Energy into, reduces the Stored Power at the source (You).  The more Transformers you have, the more Power leaves your Area, reducing your intensity.

Power Economics explains this on a deeper level and explains where Human Power comes from, how to wield it, control it, manufacture it, and use it.



This was a beautiful weave of a mess I unraveled recently and, my god… it is beautiful.

The Bible is just the “instruction Booklet” for the 12 Ethical Stages, but… they have been doctored and abused so greatly, mistranslated and altered that they are barely logical. The Bible is a great example of “Simplified in Metaphor to the point of Being Misunderstood.”

The people who doctored the books used metaphor so poorly that the meaning was lost in translation.

So let’s revisit this, shall we?

“Demon” or “Devil” is the name of a Complex Emotion that is known as “Greed.”

It is composed of these Simple Emotions:

  • Panic
  • Impulse
  • Desperation
  • Scarcity

When you combine these four emotions together, you get a Complex Emotional Cocktail that is DANGEROUS. This Cocktail is so dangerous, that most of the Bible does nothing but warns against it, depicting the Ethical Battle that wages between the 12 Ethics and GREED.

This Cocktail has four stages and the Bible warns against these four stages.

  1. Temptation
  2. Jealousy
  3. Possession
  4. Obsession

Let’s… translate these stages into something more practical and a lot less… Biblical.


Temptation is stage #1 and is the feeling you get when Panic starts to rise. You feel threatened and worried that “You will lose something.”


Jealousy is VERY common and is a household name. We are overwhelmed and the need to control, take hold of, or interfere is STRONG.


Possession or “demon Possession” means “to take hold of” BUT… WE are the ones who have been “taken hold of.” WE are not the ones DOING the taking hold of… Not yet. But we can.




Let’s zoom into this and look closer…

The “Cocktail” is like a Madman’s Virus. Does “Gold Fever” sound familiar?

The “Greed Cocktail” took hold of US or Possessed US and began mindlessly steering our directions. The Bible tried to warn us about the dangers of this Greed Cocktail, but how to explain it…

Let’s try THESE words instead…

A lack of Conscious Awareness combined with an ABSENCE of the 12 Ethics is all it takes. “God” represents the 12 Ethics. Hence “God,” which is the Etymologic Parent of “Good.” And the “Battle of Good and Evil” (Devil is the Etymological Parent of “Evil.”) was the Internal Battle ANYONE can and does have to fight to “fight back” the “Evil.”


Good vs. Evil

God vs. Devil


Bad. Teaching.


The Bible is a Lesson Book on how to Battle the “Greed Cocktail” with the 12 Ethics watered down with so much Metaphor and Religion, that the entire message, the lesson, and the point was missed.

I hereby FIRE Christians from the job of Teaching people Ethics.

Clearly, they don’t know how to do it.


The “Evil” is the “Demon Possession,” the “Greed Cocktail” that forms from because of a lack or Absence of the 12 Ethics. The only way to “stave off” the “Greed Cocktail” is with the 12 Ethics.


But you have to be AWARE. You have to be TOLD and Taught, You have to have the KNOWLEDGE. And to show you how SEVERE this Emotional Batch is… Look at the Book of Job.

God was the 12 Ethics and God was arguing with his own SHOULDER ANGELS. Ethical Good was arguing with Unethical Demon Cocktail.

“Job loves me,” says the 12 Ethical side of God.

“Does he though? Does he? What if he only loves you (all Subconscious Minds speak in 3rd Person)… because you gave him all this shit? I’m going to take it all away to see if he loves you!” says the “Evil” or the “Unethical Devil” side of this Person talking.

This Person is you, by the way… You are supposed to read the Bible AS “GOD,” in the First Person Point of View to find the actually lesson. It reads different then.

I hypothesize that “God” was Job’s wife.

And so God, governed by his Unethical Fear, smote Job “to test him.” He smote him so hard, he killed him. But hey, he knew Job loved him. A Jealous God…

An example of how far the Unethical Fear (Greed Cocktail) will go to feel validation, safe, and secure. It won’t. It has no Ethics. The sky is the limit. It is so dangerous that the whole of the Bible WARNS you about it.

When you are Unethical, Validation, Security, Control, and Safety do not exist. They can’t.

The whole of the Bible tries to communicate what the steps are, why you should follow them, and how they work. But Teaching is ADVANCED. It is more Complex than Chemistry and Biology, which is why it is the 14th Subject of Masters.

Parenting sits higher still above it.

And the people who wrote the Bible had no idea how to teach or communicate. So let’s try this again.


Greed is TOXIC. It is a Complex Emotional Cocktail composed of

  • Panic
  • Impulse
  • Desperation
  • Scarcity

It destroys Validation, Security, Control, and Safety.

If unchecked, the Emotion “GREED” is formed. GREED is the Core of Narcissism, Mental illness, Codependency, Enabling, Control (This is actually not control. True Control always comes with Confidence. You think you’re in Control? Do you feel Confident? Then you never have control. You never had control to begin with. That is the delusion. What you have is actually Panic, Impulse, Desperation, and Scarcity), and is a Fear-Based Greed Cocktail.

Greed is “The Perfect Storm” of Emotions.

Greed has 4 Stages:

  1. Temptation (Insecurity and Worry and Silence)
  2. Jealousy (Worry and Fear, Hatred and Panic)
  3. Possession (Crimes of Passion, Rage, Violence, Hoarding)
  4. Obsession (Hypervigilance and Stage #4 of Narcissism)

GREED is the root of all evil. Greed comes from Ignorance and the absence of the 12 Ethical Stages.

Hoarding is the need to “Take hold of” or to “Possess” in order to “Feel Safe.”

  • Money
  • Time
  • Sex
  • Possessions
  • Wealth

Money, being the most sought after Possession. To Possess. It’s been in the name the whole time, people. Greed takes a hold of YOU and IT becomes your Master. You become ENSLAVED by it.

IT controls YOU. Your EMOTION has turned into a Sentient Master Monster that puppets YOU. And it moves you and makes you dance completely unaware of its existence. An invisible, powerful Master without a Name that lives INSIDE of you. Moving you any way it pleases.

Sound familiar?

This is what the Bible was trying to warn us about. The only way to See the Monster, become aware of it, and win the “battle of good and evil” is to use effective Communication.

The Bible is an excellent example of piss poor teaching skills. If the Bible were a good teacher, then the lesson would have been learned properly and there would be no Greed in this world.

Rule #1. There is no “SIMPLE” solution.

You don’t’ get to do #1 step and it all goes away.

This is a COMPLEX Problem and it requires a COMPLEX Solution.

The 12 Ethical Stages are TRIALS. Because you have to LEARN them.


Learning is done in 4 parts:

  1. Apprentice: Embed and Train the Intuition. Create the Intuition through Practice.
  2. Tradesmen: Sharpen and Hone the Intuition into Habit and Instinct.
  3. Master: Define the Intuition into Words and Conscious Awareness (This step is often missed)
  4. Philosopher: Use the Words and Definitions to Create

I am a Philosopher of Ethics, Logic, Communication, Teaching, and Philosophy. I am a Bard. Hence the clarity of this knowledge and the depth of this lesson. This is an example of what Logic, Ethics, and Philosophy does. It is the Science of Education, Knowledge, and Learning and is the Science of Transferring that Education, Knowledge, and Learning to others. This is Human Propagation.

A Human Garden vs. A Human Factory.

The core of healing, the heart of love, the core of peace and prosperity. The Heart of Ethical, Logical love.

Ethical and Logical Love-Based Education is the only path.

Emotions and Feelings are the Core of Creation that are formed from Love. When we “Love” or Choose what we love, we are cherry picking our Pantry Stores and “stocking” our Pantry with Ingredients to “cook” or Create with that Energy.


Words store the Energy when you Name them.

Nomenclature is a Mandatory craft in this.

Done Ethically and you have the power to create.


Here is the Formula:

[Feelings + Ethics] + Energy + Dreams + [Joy + Excitement + Eagerness + Acceptance] +  Imagined Destination + [Learn how + Solve the Problems + Overcome the Obstacles] + And Do. = Manifestation and Creation

You cannot CREATE without ETHICS. This is THE LAW of Nature. POWER does not come to you without the ETHICS.



Because their Frequency is too low.

There is no other way.



Because if you seek power, you have missed the lesson.


On Religion

All Religions have on job. One Purpose. To teach the 12 Ethics. All have failed. Buddhism teaches only the first 7 and shames Anger. Every religion is Extreme. Not one of them teaches self-regulation, the importance of Education and Learning, or Play and the preservation of Joy.

Not one of them teaches Balance and Equilibrium. Very few respects or even acknowledges Mother Nature. None of them teach Logic, Math, and Physics. Most religions are impractical because they speak over the heads of the Common Man and are unrelateable. Bad Teaching. Only ONE Religion teaches and reverse Logic.

All religions have failed.

They had one job, to teach the ethics to the people. Most are violent and consumed with Greed. Taken over by their own Demons.

I loathe Religion. It distracts from the very message and purpose it has promised to honor.

Religion is the greatest sinner.

Sin. I know Sin’s real Name.


Sin is Illogic.

Sin is Lie.

Sin is False.

Sin is Not Logical.

Sin is Not Truth.


Truth is Logic.

Truth is Balance.

Truth is Pure Logic.


I know Sin’s real name. To Sin is to live without Logical and Ethical Purity. And every Religion has failed to teach this.  Consumed by their own pursuit of Power and Greed, Religion has used Ethics to Control others.

I loathe Religion.

On Spirituality

Spirituality is blinded by its own Righteousness and Pomposity that it too has missed the point. Spirit is the Pursuit and the Chase of what is already inside of you. And people are so busy “seeking” that they will never find it.

They know something is there, but meditation is not how it is reached. Meditation is not Education. Education is on the Outside. Spirituality is imbalanced with too little learning and too much Comfort and Meditation, which is why it takes people decades to find their answers.

Because they’re not actually learning.

Education and knowledge is how it reached. Spirituality lacks balance. They take themselves too seriously and that is the problem.

All of you have forgotten how to play. Even me. I had to figure this one out and it was hard. Joy is the answer. Euphoric, innocent, pure joy. I never meditate. I live instead. I rarely contemplate. I just learn and study. I just know how to do it effectively and I don’t do it with “The Divine.”

The Pursuit and the chase of the Divine, the “Ascent” … this is ARROGANCE. This destroys the Equal Footing that you are supposed to be preserving.

You had one job and those who pursue Spirituality seek “the upper hand” which leads to greed and power. You may mean well, but the methods are steeped in the birth of Religion. And the Spiritual are on a dangerous road. Religion is its child.

Spirituality is the Parent of all Religion. Do not repeat the mistakes of history.


“So then what are we supposed to do?”

Be Authentic. Be yourself. You are born wanting to be god. We all are. We are all CRAVING to be Ethically Logical. So BE Ethically Logically. CHOOSE it. Practice IT EVERY DAY because YOU WANT IT.

Not because you desire the reward or the possession of something.

Want it because you LOVE it.

Just WANT to be a good person.

Just WANT to help others.

Then DO it because you WANT to. For nothing other reason that love.

People think “Love” isn’t “good enough” a reason…  Love is the ONLY reason. Love is the only thing that doesn’t NEED REASON. LOVE IS THE REASON.

It requires no need, no explanation, no justification, no logic. Love is the Parent of Logic. Logic is born of Love. Logic is made of Pure Love.

And when you get to the 24th to 28th Level of Consciousness you will be able to understand that. And not a moment before.

How do we do a Community to Celebrate this then?


Bacchus had it right.

Ethical Debauchery.

Lighten up. You take everything too seriously. You don’t have to BAN PLAY AND SEX AND NUDITY to protect the Children. Those things DON’T harm children.

We do so love our children don’t we? We love them so much that we’re killing them with our fear.

GREED inside of sex, money, and success is the problem. Money, Sex, and Success and wonderful and beautiful things. GREED inside of Money… GREED inside of sex… GREED inside of parenting. GREED harms children. And our culture is SATURATED in GREED.

Corruption is the Hostile Take Over of GREED.

Addiction is PURE GREED.

Narcissism is PURE GREED.

You don’t even know what nurtures and grows children, which is why the world is a mess. So your fear of mistakes forces you to live “back against the wall” scared.

That isn’t living. That is where GREED is nurtured.

Ethical Debauchery is ABSENT of GREED.

If you hadn’t banned Debauchery, then you would know that. But you live back against the wall SCARED of GREED, not even knowing the NAME of what you FEAR.

So our culture built EVERYTHING with GREED.

We became so obsessed (4th Stage of Greed) with protecting our Children from Greed that we nourished and grew them in Greed.

The truth hurts. But if you don’t know what you are dealing with, then you will never be able to change it, fix it, or even know what it is you are looking for.

The Garden is built with Logical, Ethical, Love… The Purest of Love… And step back and watch the difference it makes.

So if not “Religion” and if not “Spirituality” then what would you call this? 

Don’t you dare say “Cult.” A Cult is Religion’s TRUE NAME. A Cult is steeped in Greed to the point of DESTROYING the Self and Love. Cult BREEDS Dependence and Slavery.

Spirituality leads to Religion leads to Cult

That is a dangerous game and it is one I do not play. This is not “Spirituality.” This is Living. Just Ethical, Love-Based, Logical Living. Don’t dress it up and make it all pretty. We don’t need that here.

This is just EDUCATION and LEARNING MASTERED. This is the way it SHOULD have been had GREED not gotten in the way.

I think… I wonder… if Greed is Sentient. I do know that GREED does become Sentient if you let it. Cult, like Religion, ONLY Possesses. That is what “Converting” is all about. There is no “Join” me.

There is no “ONE OF US.”

I don’t want you at all like that. I don’t want you at all.


People are Gods. People are Creators. People are… the Maintenance Operators, Healers, Generators, and Cultivators of the World and of Each Other.

People are the Gardeners. People are Gardeners. Are you planting seeds? Are you landscaping? Are you splicing? Are you harvesting? People are GARDENERS. We are the Garden Keepers.

And none of us… Not one… Not even ME…

Look at our World. Look at our HOME. Look at what we all have done to her.

And we’re all worried about what Religion, what politics, what agenda, what war, what marriage, what… The World is a Garden and the Gardeners have become Destroyers infected with Greed, obssessed with avoiding Greed and so they became it.

So that is how I see the world. That is how I see People. Either you’re a Gardener or you are not. And if you are not, okay… It is not your time. We all have to find our own way. But if you are a Gardener, well then… Human Propagation is my Mastered Philosophy.

And that is what I teach at Alexandria and at The Healing Garden. The only Agenda is Love. Don’t complicate something so pure and perfect.

If you want to be a Gardener, okay, I can help you find the place you are looking for. And when you find it, you will be home. And all that is yours will come back to you 10 fold.

The door is open. You come and go. The GARDEN is FREE. You walk in and out as you please.

The Healing Garden and Alexandria


We offer services to fund our Non-Profit. The Non-Profit belongs to everyone. The Healing Garden is a servant of Mother Nature. Money and the Celebration of that Money is not bad or evil. GREED is.

The purpose of The Healing Garden is to offer Free Medical, Free Mental Health, and Free Education. She is a Gifting Garden.

That is The Healing Garden. She runs on Power Economics, which we teach here at the Garden.

The University of Alexandria and The Healing Garden

Logic, Love, and Ethics.

This is Truth.

This time, let’s not fuck it up.


Alexandria is the Garden. They are One and The Same. The Playground is the Ethical Debauchery available through the University.

We teach Philosophy, The Bard Arts, Logic, and Ethics.

We teach these skills and tools to anyone who desires to become an Ethical Leader.

Entrepreneurs can Relish and Flourish in our Power Economics course. We need Entrepreneurs to stabilize our Economy.

Philosophers, Bards, and Teachers are our Forte.

Logic and Ethics for Parents and Healers.

We teach the Cultivators of the World.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to become the World’s Greatest Philosophy, Bard, Logic, and Ethics school in the World.

World Peace is on the Agenda.

The Radical Global Healing Plan is already in Motion and is The Healing Garden and Alexandria. They were built to Heal the World through The Radical Global Healing Plan.

We are Alexandria and The Healing Garden.

It is owned and operated by my Partner and I. A Puerto Rican man who I call The Imp King and a white woman, Anna Imagination, both of whom live in New York City. We are LGBTQIA+ Passionately allied.

We really need to take a massive step back and start asking ourselves what *is* Ethical and what *isn’t.*

Because 100% of all of our choices either are or not based on our Ethics. I defer you to 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey.

Take Action

If you want to start, Start with Triadic Healing Part #1.

It comes in 2 Parts:


Triadic Healing 1a

Triadic Healing 1a is Free and walks you through the first 6 Ethics.

You can begin here.


Triadic Healing 1b

Prerequisite Triadic Healing 1a

Triadic Healing 1b continues the Pilgrim’s Journey started in Triadic Healing Part 1a. It is the Walkthrough that covers the 7th – 12th Ethics and is Highly Compatible with Triadic Healing Part #2.

Relationships, Community, Forgiveness, Power Economics, and Mother Nature’s Guide to Cultivators are all included with Triadic Healing Part 1b.


Triadic Healing Part #2 

Prerequisite Triadic Healing Part #1a

Triadic Healing Part #2 is where our Cultivators, Teachers, Parents, Entrepreneurs, Gardeners, and Lightworkers get trained. We do not accept anyone into Triadic Healing Part #2 who has not yet completed Triadic Healing Part #1a. No Exceptions.

Our Franchise is Available to Graduates of Part #2

CEO’S have the option to purchase our Corporate Package for their Businesses and Employees and Staff.

Teachers and School Districts can obtain Triadic Healing for their Schools and Districts Free upon completion of Triadic Healing Part #2.

Anyone who desires to become a Cultivator, Lightworker, or Gardener for The Healing Garden is required to complete Triadic Healing Part #1 and Part #2 prior to moving on to Triadic Healing Part #3


Triadic Healing Part #3 

Prerequisite Triadic Healing Part #1 and Part #2

The Healing Garden is a Done-For-You Ethical Network — a Connectwork — of Leaders that connects Entrepreneurs, Cultivators, Healers, and Ethical Leaders.

Pando is our Ethical Leader Network and is available here. It is Free to join,

The Alma Mater is “The Nourishing Mother,” a Non-Profit Organization designed to Nurture the People, Free of charge. Our Mission is World Peace, Free Medical, Free Education, Free Mental Health, and Free Nourishing-Based Resources nurture Prosperity, Success, Health, Wealth, and Freedom all birthed from Ethics, Logic, and Love.

And the Radical Global Healing Plan (Operation : Imagination) is how we are doing it.

If you wish to join The Healing Garden at the Center of The Nourishing Mother (Mother Nature),

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