Reality vs. Idealism?

I have spoken to a lot of people about “idealism,” “realism,” “abstract,” skepticism, Utopist, and optimism.

A lot of people even argue with me that “I’m fiction” and not “real.”

The reality is mindset is what carves out a reality, and the world is saturated with negativity, skepticism, despair, and abuse. I learned a few years ago, that if you DON’T come at the skeptics and negativism and “realism” with a heavy dose of fantasy and Utopia, they drag you down fast.

It seems like for every happy person, there are 20 at the ready to tear down the one happy person.

To defend my mindset against that, I have my philosophy, my character, my personality, my positivity.

It’s only the negative people filled with despair who bring up the talk about “idealism,” “realism,” “abstract,” skepticism, Utopist, and optimism.

I do go overboard with my positivity. I’ve seen how bad things can get if I don’t, and it’s a determination I have that I refuse to ever allow others to take from me again.

Truth is, we’re not educated on the Ontological studies of “Reality” and instead of living our lives, many of us get caught in the current and dragged down. And for many of us, “getting dragged down,” results in Depression, Mental Disorders, Suicidal Ideation. I’ve been there.

So when someone attacks my “Philosophy” or my “Realism” they don’t know it, but they’re attacking the philosophy that I’m using to fight off Despair, Depression, and Mental Illness.

WE NEED more Utopists, Optimists, and Fantasia in the world. It’s the best defense against Mental Illness. And I collect people with those mindsets to help me and them nurture each other’s positivity. It’s not an “obligation” to be positive.

But when I am positive, don’t try to knock me down either.

Take it from an Ontologist who’s lived on both sides of the track. Protect your Mindset. It’s worth a lot more than you’ve been taught.

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