The Great Calling

I once made a wish… that everything I wrote would come true should I wish it. I once wished a dream that I could just write and the reality of my choice would enfold.

I am a writer. I need to write.

But I had too much to say for a while there. Too many words going too fast. But this… this is Imagination and I must dream.

And everything I wish for always comes true. I wish for my Imp King to heal. I will need him for this. Because he reminds me who and what I am. Because when my Imp King stands with me, my Imagination becomes more real. And more real…

What if others played with me?

What if others stepped into my Imagination with me?

And they will. For what I offer them is so much better than what is. And I have a plan to make it self-sustainable. And so it will be. Because I write it and wish it, I want it and dream it. And so it shall.

I love the way words move through me. Always, it is as if they dance with me. You know… lol… My English Teachers once told me that my writing was abysmal.

So I gave it up.

Where would I be if they had instead, chosen to encourage me and learned that it was a dream of mine to write?

“And the laughter is here,” the Universe says.

“Which means the Believers are also here.”

“Shine brighter, Anna,” she says to me.

“I am the Beacon.”

“You are the Beacon. Do the math…”

“I am sunshine. I am Imagination. Hope Thread! I am a Hope Thread!”

“A HOPE THREAD WAS MY LIGHT!!?!?! THIS WHOLE TIME!?!?! Through the Dimensions!

I was following Future Me through the Now! OMG!! THAT IS AMAZING!!”

Harry’s words call to me. “Because I’ve already done it.”

“Now. Go Bigger,” The Universe says.

I’m calling. To all of you. Find me. You know something is “up” with the world. You can feel it. You know something is happening. I know exactly what is happening. I see it. And I have built something for you. I have a City for all of us where we can be safe.

Come home. Authenticity City is ready to receive you. I have respite, shelter, healing, love, warmth, unconditional belonging, education, community, acceptance, and a Psychology for trauma recovery that will blow your mind. We have an Alma Mater : A Nourishing Mother who takes care of the people. She nurtures and grows them through programs.

But we need a community. I am I of I of I and My Partner, My Imp King is my You of I. And you… You are my They if you receive this message and you feel it call to you. You know something is coming. You feel it. I See it. I am the Oracle. I always have been. It’s why my family beat and hid me. Because I knew things that I no one should know.

Come home.

It’s time to come home.

About the Author: Anna Imagination