The Healing Convention and Summit

YOU are invited!

This is going out to anyone who:

  • ❤️ Is on a Healing Journey or who seeks Healing
  • ❤️ Are on a Pilgrimage
  • ❤️ Is looking to supplement their already awesome life with something NEW!

FREE to the Public!

Attention going out to all #Healers, #Lightworkers, and anyone joining #TheHealingReformation!

We are all gathering at The Water Hole (The Healing Garden)! We have a plan (The Radical Global Healing Plan) and it is in MOTION! If you are new to the party, jump on the boat (The HMS Slush Brain)! It has sailed and we have a place for everyone!

What are we doing?

Deep Healing happens when:

  • 1 – People get ACTIVE about their own Healing and they are PART of it!
  • 2 – People CONNECT with COMMUNITY
  • 3 – People UNITE with Like-Minded People at a HUGE Healing-Based Conventions DESIGNED JUST to give them Free material, Direction, Masterclasses, inspiration, and Hope. Did I mention Direction?

It shows them that They are REALLY NOT alone and it gives them all a PURPOSE. It shows them that THERE IS HOPE.

“No one is coming.” – Dr. Nathaniel Branden leading Psychologist on Self-Esteem and author of The 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem

At The Healing Garden we band together AND WE SAVE OURSELVES! No Damsels in Distress here. And we teach you HOW starting with your Custom Healing Journey Plan (Free for those Attending The Healing Garden Cyber-Convention and Summit) and the GROUND BREAKING DIY Triadic Healing.

GREAT for people who are also on their Pilgrimage.

You want Radical Collaboration and The Healing Reformation? JOIN US!

Invitation Details to The Global Healing Convention

❤️ When: 16, 17, & 18 August 2024

❤️ Where: Online at

❤️ Summary: An All-In-One EVERYTHING HEALING Cyber Convention! The Public are invited to indulge in every Healing Resource and Vendor that will be listed at The Healing Garden Convention and Summit!

❤️ Purpose: To build Community! To get the best and highest quality of Healing Resources to The Public who NEED IT MOST! To provide Direction and Immediate Guidance on mass scale.

❤️ Mission: To provide Nutritional Knowledge and HIGH QUALITY Education about The Subconscious Mind that allows people to start Mastering and Disciplining their Minds.

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Become a Vendor and/or Volunteer –>>

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