The Oasis

Be Aware. The Oasis.

Before you begin your Healing Journey you must know about this.

To not know about it and to fall into it can be devastating to yourself and those around you.

It is the Mindset where Relief and Function are found and so you think, “I’ve made it! I have relief AND I can function!” And so you think you’re done.

Things settle down and the euphoria of “Relief and Function” launches you into eternal bliss for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year… You feel empowered. Sure, you have your “bad” days, but who doesn’t? And you proceed through life, “knowing” that you are set!

Euphoria. That is the first clue that you’re not healed.

People who are healed don’t feel Euphoric. 

The Euphoria subsides, and your “bad” days happen more and more. You think, “I’m neglecting my self-care” and you slip back into old habits, unaware that you have slipped into old habits.

You are healed. You know you are. Things are SO great now that you’re where you are. And things used to be so bad…

The second clue that you’re not healed. 

People who are healed forget that they ever were abused. 

People start telling you that you’re not okay. That you seem off or troubled. That you need to go back to therapy. This makes yo angry. “I’m fine! What does everyone keep trying to fix me?”

The third clue that you’re not healed. 

People who are healed would not get angry about suggesting Mental Health. They would investigate it and take time off to Self-Regulate. And then they would thank the people for saying something. 

It’s not until you break under all the wait and the pressure of everything you are shouldering that you can’t hold up the World you are carrying anymore nor can you push down all the demons you have buried.

You are in The Oasis.

The moment you snap you say, “I don’t understand! I thought I dealt with all of this!”

The thing is… There is “Surface” Healing.

And then there is the Healing where you have to learn how to dig.

And if you don’t know to dig, if you don’t know how to dig, then you won’t.

The Oasis is the Mindset where all the Surface Healing is done, but going forward you’re going to have to dig, and if you don’t, its only a matter of time before the stuff below surfaces, and The Healing Journey pulls you back in.

“How do you know when you’re healed for real?”

When you forget that you ever were abused.

When you make no adjustments to accommodate “triggers.”

When you feel only feelings and not emotions.

When you can tell the difference between Feelings and Emotions.

When your emotions are level 1 and level 2 emotions instead of 8, 9, and 10 emotions.

When you can Discipline your Story Stepping to stay in 1st Person POV even when exposed to an Undisciplined Story Stepper.

When your emotions are free to move about and through you and you are aware of them and disciplined enough in problem solving to read your emotions and address the Emotional Catalysts rather than the Emotions themselves.

When you “dig” and all you find is True Love, Joy, Happiness, Peace, and emanating Joy.


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