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We never talk about “Image” in the Brand. It’s always missed. We talk about Reputation and Brand.



Business Name

But never the Business Owner’s Image. Image is not “Reputation.” The Image is “How are you going to show up to the party?”

The Business Owner grabs the suit and Rolex and never looks beyond this. This has become “The Only Approved Image” of The Business Owner. Less than this, and you’re not “Professional.”

Your Reputation of not being “Professional” suffers, and now any old hack or fake can don a Suit and Rolex and pose as “The Professional.”

But what if a Suit and Rolex is not your image?

That Suit and Rolex are then phony and fake. False Image.



False Imagination.

In my Podcast, Breaking Delusion, I talk extensively on the RAS. Reticulate Articulation System (I changed the name from “Reticular Articulation System” to English because that is how Taxonomy works).

The RAS is the “knob” on your Perspective Scope that determines, EVERYTHING. If you don’t know how to use your RAS, then you are at the mercy of every word you read and see and hear. Every time you read, see, and hear a word, your RAS adjusts accordingly, and the more logical you are, the more you are going to feel it.

The more logical you are, the more Cognitive Dissonance you will have if the information you receive is not compatible with your Logical Code.

When Business Professionals say things like, “You have to choose one thing to market to one demographic,” this is so limiting that it’s suffocating. And it’s false.

If this were true then Variety Shows never would have existed.

I learned how to control my RAS from Plato.

RAS + Story Discipline + Problem Solving + Logic + Scientific Method + 12 Ethics = The Genius Formula

With that combination, you can Master every Academic Discipline in about 10 years. Because instead of wasting time memorizing, you train your Synapses in your brain to Fire so fast with Logical Strategic Deliberation and Chain Reaction Science that 12 years of Medical Science turns into Common Sense.

This is what Common Sense is: Logical Deduction. And learning the Academic Disciplines in the right order conditions your Subconscious Mind to operate in this fashion with mastery.

So while I’m sorting through Business Jargon, trying to find the right word to adjust my Scope back to the settings Plato taught me, I can feel each and every bit of cloudy muck that messes with my Scope.

Adjusting it back, I wipe clean the Jargon and throw out everything I was told by Business People who think they know… Noisy Know Nothings. The “Self-Deemed” Authorities and “Experts” who are too ignorant to know they are ignorant.

A true Expert knows how to adjust the Scope and tell the difference between Correct Knowledge and Noise.

And True Knowledge is always Logical, Consistent, and 100% One-Size-Fits-All. So says Math.

So, According to the Deductions taught by Plato, the True Marketing Formula is:

Variety +> Brand (Your Name) + Quality = Image

Oh! And that leads to…

Variety of Topics on anything you want to talk about + YOU + Quality = The Summation of your Topics

One Noisy Know Nothing told me that I required 7 “varieties” of One Message to “keep my audience interested.”

I thought, “So you’re serving Peas to your Audience every day until your Audience is sick of Peas, so you have to “fancy” up the peas… but they’re still peas. And, because the RAS grows numb to repetition, it develops a “Blind Eye” to peas… So now you’re competing with your Sales Message vs. The Subconscious Mind’s RAS of your Patrons?

This is not Smart Business.

The beautiful thing about a Variety Brand, is you always have new and exciting content to offer!

And… it is your Brand + Quality + Variety of Content that increases value.

So instead of focusing your entire Marketing and Network around RAS Warfare, you can just BE YOURSELF.

But that means you have to actually BE YOURSELF.

So if you are not Business Suit and Rolex, you have to give them up.

This is what we call SMART Business.

If I was going to be a Variety Show, I would be a lot like Carol Burnett meets The Muppets. Which they did a few times… That is what you are getting with me. Only… My Variety Show is… Anna Imagination! VITALOGY! Which is the Science and Logic of Life.

LIFE. That is what you are getting with ME!


So… It’s Example Time! Theory + Example + [Summary and Close] = A damn good article every time.

Variety +> Brand (Your Name) + Ethical Quality = Summation of Your Topics

All the stuff I do +> Anna Imagination + HIGH ETHICAL QUALITY = Vitalogy : The Science and Logic of Life

The biggest problem with “professionals” telling you “what is done” instead of giving you the Formulas for how it is done, is that their “what to do” boxes you in to THEIR WAY ONLY.

And unless you are a carbon copy of these “Professionals,” THEIR WAY ONLY is not going to work for you.

But if they’ve hi-jacked your RAS with their Noisy Know Nothing persistence, you are going to have a hard breaking that delusion.

Now this… This is me Reverse Engineering Business Brand and Marketing for you. Humans cannot fit in boxes. We are Changelings. We are Sentient Stories. And if we don’t act like Changelings and Sentient Stories, we are not okay or healthy.

Because the moment the Changeling changes, the Box won’t change with the Changeling, and we have to choose:

My next and Truest Form or The Conformed?

True Form : Conform

The only solution would be to never grow so you can keep your box.

So, this! …indicates the Spaces that Be… this is my Variety… Hour? … Realm. My Variety Realm. We Humans All have a Variety Realm.

What’s yours?

UP next! Variety Realm! How to Reverse Engineer Your Variety Realm!

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The Healing Garden : Stop Being Life’s Little Bitch.

Reminder: Words Written reflect the Author’s Perspective World. The Meaning translated by the Reader reflect the Reader’s Perspective World. Logical Contradiction leads to Confusion and Mental Illness, Cognitive Dissonance, and, in some cases, death. Read Responsibly. Read Objectively. Nutritional Education. This Reminder is from The Healing Garden. We value your Mental Health and The Preservation of Your Subconscious Mind. #mentalhealthawareness #takingaction

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