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Mother Nature’s Business Model For The Ethical Business Owner
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This is the NO BS, Order Of Operations for your Filter (Which most people call “A Funnel”)

  1. Posts CTA –> Subscribe to Newsletters
  2. Newsletter CTA –> Attend A Free Workshop
  3. Workshop CTA –> Book A Free Consultation
  4. Consultation –> Give them a Sample of your Expertise

After that, thank them for attending, send them “The Menu” for Purchasing needs and Leave them alone.


Did you get that? 

Here is why… The Value You Provide is done with Gradual, Mathematical Increase. Like So…

  1. Posts Value –> No Risk : Medium ROI –> Value Points: 5 
  2. Newsletter –> No Risk : High ROI –> Value Points: 15 
  3. Workshop –> No Risk : Higher ROI –> Value Points: 50
  4. Consultation –> No Risk : Highest ROI –> Value Points: 100

Highly Recommended…

“Thank You Letter” with X + Option to Buy –> No Risk : Highest-est ROI –> Value Points: 200

 Four, High Value, No Risk, No Investment, points with an increase of Value in the Right Order. 

And… Four Points is VITAL. I will tell you why. 

In Mathematics…

  • 1 is an Anomaly
  • 2 is a Match
  • 3 is a Pattern
  • 4 is Confirmation

By gifting 4 (or 5) options and with Gradually Increasing Value, the Potential Patron uses Intuitive Mathematics (That’s a Real Thing in Math and Scientific Method) to Logically Deduce that the 6th Action (Buy In) will be THROUGH THE ROOF in Value.

And… this is also provides the: 

Give + Give + Give + Give + Give +> Receive Model of Reciprocity.

If you cheat this process, you will have to Sell and Market. 

Which is why so many businesses have to Sell and Market.




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