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A lot of people watch this video and think, “Pain points! Focus on the Pain.”

But the most important thing he says in the video is, “If the Customer has brought up Price, YOU have failed to Communicate YOUR VALUE.” 


Let’s hyper focus on that. 

First, the conversation ends with him saying, “If that is your budget, then I can refer you to someone who can do that for you.” 

In fact, I have a saying, “If I can’t do it for you, then I will find someone who will.”

Which is THE RIGHT answer. 

But what YOU need to be doing is this: 

Ask yourself how YOU failed to communicate VALUE to the Customer. 

It comes down to this. 

Your Product needs to be X Value while they pay Less than X Value. So they Feel like they are getting a deal.

Do YOU believe in the Value of what you are offering? 


My Services are Priceless. I’ve had conversations with people and have cured their mental illness in an hour. 

Can you put a price on that? 


My work is priceless. The biggest obstacle I had to learn was that Price was not at all about VALUE. It was about how much time with them are they taking away from my working with 8 Billion other people. 

Because for every hour that I’m working one-on-one, I am NOT:

  • With my Children.
  • With my Partner.
  • With 8 Billion People.

So now… Let’s talk how much my time is worth. How much money does it cost to keep YOU away from YOUR family?

See, it’s not what you’re Selling. It’s how much money is it worth taking time away from Your Mission, Your Loved ones, your Family… 

Priceless right? 

So now, when you say, “I’m $5,000 an hour for one person.” But I’m serving 8 Billion people. Do the math.

It comes down to $6.25/person. Because for every hour I spend with one person, I am NOT making content for 8 Billion people. 

I would call that a steal.

And for some people, within that hour, they may walk away with their Mental Illness cured, their Nightmares gone… How much would you pay? 

Knowledge is Priceless. That’s why this is Free. Knowledge HAS to be free. IT MUST be free. But my time… Now… That is something else entirely.

People pay me to walk away from my Content and my Family. How much is your Vision worth? What is the Value on your Time? 

So when you walk away from that Customer who negotiated Price, what you really need to be asking yourself is, “Where did I fail to communicate The Value in what I have to Offer?” 


But also… I don’t sacrifice Quality. And if you want a lower amount, I’d have to cut Quality… Now that, I don’t do. NOT ever because I have a reputation to uphold. A Standard to Set and Maintain. 

My Value is My Quality.

And that is the message often overlooked.


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