Plato’s Curriculum and The Great Books

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Philosophy was never meant to be studied.

Philosophy is an Experience.

I did not “study” Plato.

Instead, I followed his Curriculum to the Letter. And it changed my mind. It increased the speed in which my synapses fire. It unlocked the Inside of the world of the metaphysical and Ontology.

While others study Ontology on the Outside, I experienced it on the Inside.

There are things that Socrates, Artistotle, Plato, Pythagoras said and taught this is greatly misunderstood.

We were never supposed to study Philosophy.

We were supposed to experience it.

And Plato’s Curriculum was designed to do just that. And every Philosopher missed this point.

Philosophy is not an Academic Discipline. It is an Experience.



I thought it strange that Plato did not have “Philosophy” in his curriculum.

Only after I completed the Curriculum did I finally, fully see and understand why.

Philosophy is an Experience.



I was 12 when I found Plato’s Curriculm inside an Encyclopedia set. 3 years later, The Clinton Administration and the US Government were arguing over cum stains on a dress.

I thought, “THESE are the people in charge of my education!?” And so I fired them after they cut the Art departments, and I adopted Plato as my Instructor.

At 15, my IQ was higher than Einstein’s. And Plato’s Curriculum, when followed, increases the IQ.

That is when I realized a great Logical Fallacy in Philosophy today.


Plato did not teach his students about Descartes, Jung, or Kant. He did not teach his students history at all. He did not teach his students about Pythagoras, Socrates, or Plato.

Which poses the question: What DID Plato teach his students that he would have La Academia built? That Aristotle would go on to build the Lyceum? That Alexandria would go on to become the World Capital of Education and the Epicenter of Knowledge?


What did the Greek Philosophers REALLY teach?

So, I followed Plato’s Curriculum to the letter. One has to follow Plato’s Curriculum to find out.

Philosophy is an Experience that has not been Experienced since the 4th Century. And there is Knowledge inside that Experience that is only Known when passing through The Experience.

People today don’t have a clue about Education.

Once you Experience Philosophy, only then does all of Ontology, Metaphysics, Physics, and Time make sense.


How To Follow Plato’s Curriculum


My Education consisted of Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaardner, Following and Doing Plato’s Curriculum, and The Great Books. That allowed me to find The Genius Formula, which one finds Naturally in Plato’s Curriculum.

The Great Books were priceless in my Learning Journey of The Discovered Self. Without them, I would not have walked away with the Knowledge base I did.

Stand alone, I would not have found The 12 Ethics or The Genius Formula. It was the combination of Plato’s Curriculum and The Great Books that unlocked my mind. Jostein Gaardner’s novel taught me all I needed to know about “The History of Philosophy” and Logic to get started in Philosophy.

But really, Plato covers it all in his Curriculum.

For that reason, I am providing the same Curriculum that I followed here.


1 – Power only comes from the 12 Ethics

2 – This Course must be partnered alongside The Learning Journey of The Discovered Self… It is The Learning Journey of The Discovered Self.


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