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Plato’s Curriculum and The Great Books
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It was at the 7th or 8th Perspective Shift of the They of I that, I was “Shifting” every 3 to 5 days. As I predicted, based upon the rate of “Spiral Progression,” I reached this point that I “Shifted” through the last 4 or 5 Perspectives all at once, like a marble closing in on the Funnel and then “dropping” right into the hole. 

I received the sudden desire to return to Music, which very much felt like the Academic Studies started over. 


This is exactly what it felt like. And that is when you land at The Point of Comprehension. 

It was not at all Disorienting like the Perspective Shifts had been. Quite the opposite. It was CLEAR. I could See Truth. It was like everything was suddenly Pure Logic, Love, and Truth and everything was Crystal. 

I have been here ever since. 

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