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Plato’s Curriculum and The Great Books
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When a person plays the piano, it is different from any other instrument. 

It is the one-man-band instrument.

The left hand plays the Harmony. And thus, the Left brain is working on Foundation, Base, Harmony, Orientation for the Key. Harmonic Relativity of Chords. 

The Right hand plays the Melody. And thus, the Right brain is working on Story, Relativity in Chain Reactions, or Story Chains, Inversions, and stepping in and out of other Key Signatures with Accidentals, Grouping, Sequencing.

You’re also working on the Skills Rhythm, Metric, Pattern Recognition, and your foot is holding and sustaining the notes. Your hands and finger positions are practicing the curved position, Firm, but gentle touch, and if you’re singing, you’re focused on Breath Work, Pitch, Timing, Movement.

You’re accessing the Lyrics, Language, Communication, Emotional Journey. 

You’re playing with Frequency, Time Signature, and Math.

When a person plays the piano, their Subconscious Mind is almost as diversified as it can be… or can it be? There is more.

Add Logical Proofs on the side while the student studies the logical Progression of Words, Comprehension, and Chain Reaction Science with If/Then Clauses. 

If This happens, then That will happen.

When you sit down and talk with your Teacher about it, so much more happens. 

When you listen, not to take notes or hear Lecture, but to respond and rebut (Yes! You need to Listen to Respond), you have to master the Skills of Listening, while Translating from their common translation into your secondary translation into your primary translation, and then process the comprehension.

You have to interrupt, or pause them, take the stage and then translate your core comprehension into your primary translation into the common translation. You have to balance sharing with listening and responding. 

Diversify Your Subconscious Mind. 

You are training your Subconscious Mind to use multiple, Dozens of skills at the same time. 

And then, when you return to the piano, you are doing everything we discussed prior only now we are going to add theoretical comprehension and analysis to it with observation and data assessment. 

We are going to add Logical Calculation with Trial and Error. 

Musics Composition, we are going to add Intuitive translation into Core Translation into Common Translation.

You’re writing lyrics? Now we’re adding meter, rhythm, flow, and oral movement with allegorical interpretation to the mix. 

Each and every action I have described to you here is a Skill. 

How many Skills did I cover? 

And all you did was Play the Piano and Discuss.

The only teacher is Practical Practice and Real Life Application. No exceptions. The Teacher was just a glorified NPC and Quest Giver.

The goal is not to compose music or play piano. This is the Preferred Mode of Learning used by the Student.

A True Teacher knows that those same Skills are found in each and every Academic Discipline. The Academic Discipline is always only just the Preferred Mode of Learning used by the Student. And only the Student can decide this. 

Because The Student’s Preferred Mode of Learning is based 100% on the Student’s Core and Primary Language.

The Academic Discipline is the Student’s Sandbox.

The Focal Point, the Purpose, and Point is to Diversify The Subconscious Mind.


The Academic Discipline is the Student’s Sandbox.

The Focal Point, the Purpose, and Point is to Diversify The Subconscious Mind.


The Academic Discipline is the Student’s Sandbox.

The Focal Point, the Purpose, and Point is to Diversify The Subconscious Mind.

The more you Master the Craft of Diversifying your Subconscious Mind, the faster your Synapses Fire.

Do you know what Common Sense is? 

Common Sense is your Logical Deductions that you make in your head so quickly using Chain Reaction Science that Knowledge becomes “Common Sense” to you. 

For me, Physics is Common Sense. Chemistry is Common Sense. Calculus is Common Sense. Quantum Physics is Common Sense. Because the Synapses fire so fast based on my Skills Reverse Engineering the Universe + Logic + Chain Reaction Science + Basic Physics = Logical Deduction of Life, The Universe, And Everything. 

This is why Memorization is Stupid. When you Diversify your Subconscious Mind, you do not need to Memorize anything. You know it.

Diversify your Subconscious Mind. 

Your average 100 IQ person can consciously manage 2 Skills at once and then they call this “Multi-Tasking.” 

Your Genius and Plato-Trained student, can do over 14 Skills at once and we call this “Normal.”

Plato knew how to grow and increase the Frequency of your Synapses firing.

Music Theory + Logic + Physics + Discussion is how it is done. Music is the only skill that activates this process, which is Why Pythagoras and Plato assigned it as first on the Curriculum as do I.

All Philosophers were Mastered Musicians. They were Bards.

In this course, we Teach you how to fish.

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