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Plato’s Curriculum and The Great Books
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Organizing 6 Academic Disciplines has not been easy. It is the most beautifully compiled translation of complexity I have ever seen. 

An Academic Discipline comes to us by Reverse Engineering Mother Nature. That is how Pythagoras Translated Music Theory and Philosophy. How Euclid Translated Geometry. How Sir Isaac Newton Translated Physics. How I Translated Vitalogy and the Subconscious Mind.

Memorization is not a Skill unless you are an Actor. What it is is an assault and a direct manipulation on your Subconscious Mind, and your Subconscious Mind knows it. 

This is why the majority of memorization is forgotten after 2 weeks. It is highly inconvenient because that is not what the memory is for.

How we learn is only through one means: Practical Practice in Real Life Application. 

One of the most effective methods of Practical Practice in Real Life Application is Exploratory Dialogues in Discussion.

You can Teach a Man to fish.

You can give a Man a fish.

And you can give a Man a Red Herring. 

No one told you that you’re not just being spoon fed fish. You’re being spoon fed red herring. 

Plato only Taught a Man to fish so that his students would be independent of him as quickly as possible.

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