#39 Ethical Law And Natural Order
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You, dearest Victim, are the Abuser’s Teacher. 


The Abuser abuses you because he sees himself in you. You, the Victim, represents, a weaker, vulnerable, past version of himself at a time when he was abused. 

You, beautiful Victim, activated a memory of your Abuser, by reminding him of himself when he was weak and vulnerable. 

The activated memory, triggers his pain and he lashes out to defend himself, but instead of confronting his Abuser, his Mimic-Mirror-Repetition Response turns him down onto the Vulnerable Victim of his past. 

And it is up to the Victim to stop the Cycle. 

Standing up to the Abuser, teaches the Abuser how to confront his own Abuser, “the right way,” and also, it teaches the Abuser that “You’re facing the wrong way. That Mimic-Mirror-Repetition Response + Newton’s 3rd Law of Physics (For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction) needs to go back to your Abuser and not on me.”

The Abuser stops abusing the Victim when he realizes that the Victim is not like him at all: Weak and vulnerable and also, it teaches the Abuser three valuable lessons: 1 – Oh! That is how you confront an abuser? And 2 – Oh! I can’t abuse this person! 3 – If they can confront me, then I can confront MY Abuser!


The day my brother stopped beating me was his last. It was the day I stood up against him and stabbed him. He never hurt me or my sister ever again. 

He did beat my father instead after that, who was his abuser. 

My father stopped abusing my brother.

I had no idea at the time, but I had reversed the Projector by adding a Mirror.

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