Triadic Healing Part #1

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About Course

This Course is Currently Under Construction. 

What you will be learning here:

  • The Knowing
  • The Belonging
  • The Authority

Triadic Healing Part #1 is all about You Defining The Self.

Triadic Healing Part #1 covers everything you need to know to get started with your Healing Journey and/ or Pilgrimage. Here, we cover with you the same tools I used to define myself so I could Triangulate my exact position in relativity to my Point of Origin as I made my way toward The Point of Comprehension.

Don’t worry if these terms do not yet make sense. It is the language Abstractic and Mathematics, which you will become proficient at the more you work through Triadic Healing. The words were required for me to understand The Abstract, The Stages of The Healing Journey, and The Levels of Consciousness.

In every lesson, you will be given: 

  • Theory (Video or Literature)
  • Application Technique (How To Apply The Skills to Reverse Engineering Your Intuition)
  • Application Practice In Doing (Examples of Which Skills you need to Pursue for Practical Practice In Doing)
  • Exploratory Dialogue Discussion (The Journey Into The Self, Monthly Q&A and Formal Argument)

Vocabulary Words

  • Triangulate : The process of identifying three points to determine One’s Own Location in Navigation.
  • Point of Origin : The Starting Point in Navigation
  • The Point of Comprehension : The Final Destination Point in any Self Journey where Full Visibility is achieved of any given situation with which to Comprehend it so as to determine the Truth from Lies (Also known as Plato’s Point and “Purpose”)
  • Abstractic : The Language of The Abstract Plane that Anna invented to facilitate communication regarding the ideas and concepts she discovered within The Abstract.


Legal Disclaimer That You Really Need To Read

This Course is part of our Clinical Trials. The Quizzes are designed to establish our Control Group and to provide you with the Self-Assessment Teaching Tool, which is a highly valuable Skill for you to use all through life. 

There are no “grades.” There is no “pass” or “fail.” There is only You, Your own Self-Evaluation, Your own Goals, and Our Guidance to help you track your progress so you know how well you are improving. Math requires 3 Data Points (I prefer 4 at least) before “Progress” can be evaluated. The more data points, the better. Every time you “take a quiz,” you are providing us with a data point.

The Frequency of Data that we are looking to measure is in weeks and months. However, do not concern yourself at all with the numbers or time.  

There are currently no “Metrics” available to tell us what the Frequency of Growth and Improvements should be or even what we can expect.

Welcome to Pioneering a new Science! This is a rare historical event! And you have chosen to be part of it! If you wish to remain anonymous, this option will be made available for you to communicate to us.

Anna is not a Licensed Psychologist of Freudian Psychology. She is an Ontological Physicist and Philosopher Bard and is the World’s only Authority on Pythagorean Psychology, and the Lost Science of Human Propagation, which is what she used to cure her five (5) “incurable” Mental Illnesses in one year including Borderline Personality Disorder and Multiple Personality Disorder.

In the last year, we have seen Pythagorean Psychology do for Case Studies what Freudian Psychologists have deemed “Impossible.”  

Let’s see what it can do for you.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Which Craftsman "Language" you speak to Understand the World
  • Which Societal Role you are currently in
  • Which Societal Role you want to be in
  • Your Self-Care Regimen
  • Your Story Health
  • Your Logical Health
  • Your Communication Health
  • Your Point of Origin
  • Your Destination or Purpose of Your Life
  • The 7 Parts of Your Mental Health System
  • Your Cognitive Core

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