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Triadic Healing Part #1
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These… To Name something Gives it Power. 

To Name something Is To See It.

And my Daughter just said, “Back of the Mind” Thoughts and I went, “YES!” 

This was so important that I dropped it here at the very VERY beginning. 

“Back of the Mind” Thoughts are always the MOST IMPORTANT of all the Thoughts, and yet, they are the Echoes of the Mind. 

“Mind Echoes” you could call them. The thoughts that are so far in the back you can’t “hear” them and you only notice them when they are speaking. 

If I were to give Name to The “Back of the Mind” Thoughts, they are your Self-Preservation and your Defense, they are your Identity and your Logic SCREAMING at your Consciousness TO PAY ATTENTION!

But we don’t. 

Fires start because we forget about the “Back of the Mind” Thoughts the moment they silent. Like Doctor Who’s The Silence who are only seen when looked at, the “Back of the Mind” Thoughts are only heard when speaking. 

The trick, like the Silence, is to bring the “Back of the Mind” Thoughts t0 the FRONT WHILE it’s talking so that YOU REMEMBER when they fall Silent again. 

The “Back of the Mind” Thoughts are always, ALWAYS the most important thing you should always listen to. 

It is where all of your answers always are.

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