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Triadic Healing Part #1
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Nothing can explain the Inner Dialogue I have lived with for 40 years.

I trusted Psychologists and Professionals. I listened to their advice and, much of the time, it caused more harm than good. I have no doubt that their intentions were good. The problem was their over-selling and confidence that they had all the answers when they knew jack and shit about the Actual Inner Dialogue in my mind.

The Inner Dialogue was complex and had many layers.

There was the 3rd Party Abuser’s who’s voices were mirrored back to me from my Fear System as if it constantly had to remind me what they told me to keep me “safe” from their consequences.

There was the “Smoke and Mirror” show of the Alters who chatted to each other and never to me in the background. If I asked them or thought “who is that?” the Subconscious Mind would wipe my memory clean and within minutes, I would forget or I would have no “thought” to ask further.

There was the Hyper Vigilance of looking for danger around every corner.

But most of all was my Hyper-Focused Determination to get the fuck out of my own head. The constant Obsession to “figure out what was really going on” while I sought for “The Greater Perspective” so I would know what was going on so I could just “flip” the switch and be fine. And yes, that is all it was and all it took. The Great Pursuit of “The Greater Perspective.”

Short Answer: 100% of everything you felt, suspected, believed, but were too afraid to give voice to is 100% real and you were trained to doubt yourself so you listened and trusted your Abuser’s and their advice instead. You want to know what’s really going on? Everyone lied to you about “reality” and they gave you false reality instead. All you’re doing is looking for the “True” Reality. And that… Look to my Triadic Healing. I walk you through that process.

But then there was the constant “Show Down” with my Subconscious Mind. My Love and Dreams vs. It’s Fear and Self-Preservation. Could I love it more than it loved me? Could I out-Love my Mind or would he out-Fear me?

Once I started healing, it became a daily, “shedding” of all the bullshit and lies others (including professionals) stacked and layered on top of me. I was digging my way down to my Self and my Truth. I dug until I hit “gold” and could dig no more. I dug 36 Levels of Consciousness down.

Here, at this point of True Center, is where you finally see “The Greater Perspective.” This is where a person can really look back and go, “Oh! All the Societal Lies they told me were fucking Bull Shit!” And then you see the Carousel they have the world on within the Matrix. Then you realize, “Oh! I just wouldn’t dance their dance.”

Life has two pools. Sharks and Guppies. You are neither a Shark nor a Guppy. You are YOU. But YOU are either in a Shark pool where EVERYTHING IS HARD or you are in a Guppy tank where EVERYTHING IS EASY. The Problem is, everyone in the Shark Pool is convinced that EVERYTHING IS HARD! It never occurs to them that they are inside a Shark Tank.

Getting through the Shark Tank is hard. Living in the Shark Tank is hard. Getting out of the Shark Tank is hard. Finding your people in the Shark Tank is hard. Learning how to live like a person outside of the Shark Tank after you escape the Shark Tank is Hard… because you have learned how to think like a Shark to survive the Sharks.

After you unlearn how to think like a Shark and you find YOU, EVERYTHING IS SO EASY!

The problem is the Education system is “How to be a Shark!” written by Sharks for Sharks and taught by other people who were trained to be a Shark who don’t know they were trained by Sharks.

The Psychology field is “How to survive Sharks!” written by Sharks for Sharks and taught by other people who were trained to be a Shark who don’t know they were trained by Sharks.

The Business and Job field is “Join the Shark-Eat-Shark World, Pay taxes, and then you DIE” formula written by Sharks for Sharks and taught by Sharks where most people KNOW they are sharks and are hiding it from the non-Shark people.

The Government is “How to Organize and Rule the Sharks legally, but not ethically and just enough to make sure you are the Top Shark so you can be sure you don’t eaten by Sharks” written by Sharks for Sharks and taught by Sharks where most people KNOW they are sharks and are hiding it from the non-Shark people.

And then there is you. Not being told any of this by anyone. Ever.

But there is a GUPPY tank.

Now… once you find the Guppy tank and you unlearn the Fish Tank Mindset, you are going to be like, “OH MY GOD THIS IS SO EASY!” and “WHAT THE FUCK!? WHY WAS THAT SO HARD!?”

Because they are lying to you.

The best thing about the Guppy Tank is that Sharks cannot access or FIND the Guppy Tank. The only way to find the Guppy Tank is to unlearn the Shark Language and start using the Guppy Language.

Now… while you were in the Shark Tank, you probably did a lot of asking around, “What the fuck is going on!?” “There has to be more than this!” And there is! But you most likely were asking a Shark these questions in a dirty alley somewhere who smiled like a Shark in Wolf’s clothing under Sheep’s clothing while assuring you that “all you have to do is talk to…” which just steered you straight into the Shark’s Nest. Most likely, repeatedly and for 30 years or so while you rode their Carousel around.

“That’s Life,” you probably were told.

“There is no other way,” they said to you.

But deep down, you know different. You feel it has to be different.

Truth of the matter is, If the Sharks KNEW how to get out, then they wouldn’t BE in the Shark Tank to give you directions to leave. They would be GONE. So this is me, on the 36 Level of Consciousness going, wallowing in the Guppy Tank, saying, “I grew up in the Shark Tank. I lived there for 40 years. I escaped. I found the way out. I am in the Guppy Tank! And life is so easy here that money, True Friends, and True Love literally fall into your lap because you are living True to Your Reality.”

So how do you do it?

You have to have the Right Mindset. You have to have the right tools. You have to have a Plan. You have to have someone who has done it. You have to hate Shark Language MORE THAN ANYTHING so that when you learn what it is, you think, “THAT IS WHAT THAT IS!? OH I AM SO RIPPING THAT OUT OF ME NOW!”

And if you aren’t embracing that dedication to removing the Shark Language and adopting Responsibility, Power of Choice, Self-Authority, and Dedication to leave all else behind then you’ll never make it. You have to embrace Loss. You have to embrace Poverty and not chase Love or Money. You have to SHUN the need to “Possess” Control, Money, Love, or People.

The real question you’ll ask yourself is “Which parts are me and which parts are the Sharks?” Another question you may be asking yourself is “Who am I without the Sharks?” And that… that is the Journey. As I said, getting out of the Shark Tank and learning how to rid yourself of the Shark Tank Language after is HARD.

Ready to commit to exiting the Shark Tank?

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