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*Triadic Healing Part #1 : The Defined Self
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Want to see what Optimum Mental Wealth actually looks like?


Your Internal Mental Wealth has a list of checkpoints required to maintain and balance your system. Here is what The Healing Garden recommends to get to your Optimum Mental Wealth:

  1. Nurture and Support Your Identity’s Freedom to Define itself.
  2. Nurture and tune into your Intuition to know when you need to act, deter, or wait.
  3. An educated, Consciously Aware, and Mindful Ego to manage and attend to the Inner Workings of your Mental System
  4. A Disciplined Subconscious Mind that works so efficiently, it is quiet and goes mostly unnoticed by your Ego 
  5. A balanced and aligned Cognitive Core free of Logical Fallacy and Limiting Beliefs.
  6. The absence and removal of all Invasive Perspectives that misalign your Cognitive Core
  7. An Ego that is fully aware of the proper reception and execution of your Emotional Management System with which to run and operate your Cognitive Core and Mental System.
  8. A Fear System that is completely deactivated to allow your Self-Preservation to Function
  9. A Positive Mental Emotional Environment that cultivates optimism, opportunity, and joy and that is void of Mental Illness and The Fear System.
  10. A strong, healthy, Defense System that is free to convert Anger into effective, assertive Communication and Boundary setting.

All of this matched to the Quality of your Standards. 

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