The Culture Shock : What To Expect

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*Triadic Healing Part #1 : The Defined Self
About Lesson

Welcome to The Educational System of The Healing Garden! We focus strongly on Empowerment and Encouragement that nurtures your Self-Authority! 

Our focus is to give you the tools to Self-Teach, Self-Educate, Self-Govern, and Self-Heal.

We drive Individualism and Self-Agency, which require tools that make it mandatory to secure your own Quality Control!

Self-Authority for Self-Reinvention is at the Core of The Healing Garden.

What you can expect from The Healing Garden’s Educational System:

  • Order of Operations and Pre-requistional Learning
  • The Integration of All Integration for Compounded Learning
  • The Revival of Skill Building with the Apprentice-Learning Structure
  • Master Teachers and Instructors who support The Healing Garden philosophy.   

In every lesson, you will be given: 

  • Theory (Video)
  • Application Technique
  • Application Practice In Doing
  • Exploratory Dialogue Discussion
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