The Fear Loop Flow Chart

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*Triadic Healing Part #1 : The Defined Self
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This is a lesson in “Listen to Your Subconscious Mind and Give it What it Wants.”

If your Subconscious Mind asks:

“What If…”

Then you are missing an “If/Then” Clause and a Plan. 

If your Subconscious Mind asks:

“I Can’t…”

Then you need to Learn and Solve or the Obstacle is Valued more than the Dream.

If your Subconscious Mind asks:

“I don’t know how…”

Then you need to learn how with Problem Solving and Logic.

If your Subconscious Mind asks:

“What About…”

Then your mind is seeking a Solution and a Plan “If” in the event, a certain situation occurs. 


Mathematics is : 


Logical Assessment and Order of Operations


Proper Identification of Obstacles, Components, Parents, and Variables, 

Organization Skills of Data.


Name and Identify (Organize the Problem)

Assess and Evaluate the Situation

Order of Operations


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