The Point of Comprehension

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*Triadic Healing Part #1 : The Defined Self
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I often forget that people don’t speak Abstractic. Definitions are in order.

Personal Point of Gravity : That “Pull” that one feels from their Intuition that urges them to “Go On and find yourself” and that usually begins a Pilgrimage of The Self. It usually begins around the 5th and 6th Perspective. Once Started, you cannot stop until you arrive at “The Point.”

The Purpose of Life is to get to “The Point.”

The Point of Comprehension (“The Point”) : The Area encompassing The Mindset that exists at an Individual’s True Center of Self-Authority where they are so aligned to Logic and they have arrived at the Personal Point of Gravity, that they can see exactly where True and Lies are Visible with great ease.

The Rod of Truth : The True Center of The Point of Comprehension. An imaginary “Pole” much like the “North Pole” that marks “True Center of The Self.”

(You thought it was a Magic Holy Staff, didn’t you!?)

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