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Triadic Healing Part #1
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I have been a Philosopher all of my life and no word was more argued about, debated, changed, or abused than, ironically, “Truth.” 

It was like there was this unspoken rule somewhere: “Whoever won, got to make up the Truth.” 

And something about Truth made it “The Ultimate Power.” And it is. They were not wrong about that… But not in the way they ever believed. 

It wasn’t until I arrived at the Point of Comprehension and came to “The Rod of Truth” that I went, “Oh! So that’s Truth!” And also… “Oh! So that’s what Truth does…”

And then… a week later, “Oh! So this is why Truth Matters.” 

This morning, I used my Logic to correct a Delusion in my mind, and I felt the pain vanish. I felt the understanding clear my mind. I felt the Calm pass through me and I relaxed. 

5 minutes later, I had the angle on my Business to finally reach the Masses. That is the Power of Truth. 

Truth is Logic. Or rather, Truth is only obtained through Logic. Truth *is* The situation comprised of ALL the Components. 

Truth is the Conclusion reached at the end of The Logical Proof and/or The Equation, but… And here is the rub… You have to be sure you are accounting for all of the Components. 

What people are really arguing over is “What are the Components.” And every component in or out, changes the equation and thus changes the Answer. 

The Truth is the Correct Answer. 

Truth is the Correct Answer, which requires Logic. And the Truth is only obtained with the correct components in the Equation, which poses the question, “What are the right components?” 

[[Your Feelings – Emotions] + Your Intuition + What the Situation Looks Like] + Logic = Truth

Words are weapons used to hide the Truth, hence, “Lie,” which actually means “illogic. So, too often Words are red herrings.

Words matched to the Truth Validate and Strengthen the Truth, they Name the Truth.

Words that precede the Truth are too often distractions, red herrings, and lies. 

Truth first. Words After.

I cover this here with you now, as the first lesson of the first course because where we are going is to The Point of Comprehension. The more you have this Truth Formula now, Your Intuition, and Logic, the more all the lies around you will be revealed. 

And when Lies are revealed to you, either in the past or in the present, your Logic will command that you Change. For some, those Changes will bring relief and peace. For others, those Changes will require a Divorce, quitting your job, and moving to Mumbai with a fraction of your children. 

Logic, Truth, and Ethical Desire must get what they Want. Any lies you’ve been telling yourself will break apart and come down. And when you hit Resistance, it’s because you are really up against the Uncovering of a Truth that has been contaminated by Lies. 


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