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Triadic Healing Part #1
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100% Trauma is “Learning Trauma”

Learning Resistance = Trauma

“We are taught that the Learning Journey is all about Money, Love, Survival, Acceptance…” This Philosophy teaches us the First Lesson: Our Identity = Money, Love, Survival, Acceptance…”

When you change the Learning Philosophy to “The Learning Journey is about The Self” the lesson that is then learned is “I am what I choose to be curious about, take interest in, or pursue in my knowledge.”

When we are forced to learn what others tell us, our Learning Journey stops being about the Self and becomes about what Parents want, the Government wants, and the teachers want. Our Learning Journey becomes all about everyone else except us.

This is why we don’t know who we are.

Transition Stage And Adapt

1 – Sleep
2 – Rest and GRIEVE
3 – Practice Emotional Fluidity (10th Ethic) while you let the Grief process pass through
4 – Shock + Negotiating + Anger into Plan and Action + Depression (Normalizing) +
5 – Clear you plate
6 – A “Block” that kept you from yourself
8 – Exposure Therapy with the Mantra “It is SAFE to be _____”… It is HEALTHY to be _____.
9 – You are allowed to be _____!
You are allowed to LEARN this LESSON!

INDULGE in being _____.

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