A World Lit Only By Fire by William Manchester

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The 2,000 Year War on Education (399 BCE to Today)
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One does not have to read too deep to see just how all of the Holy Roman Empire’s War against Education enfolded.

In his book, A World Lit Only By Fire, William Manchester depicts the on-going war of Education in just the first 28 pages of the book (out of 299 Pages)

I will not credit each and every source. It is substantial and Manchester sites 100% of his sources. 

A World Lit Only By Fire taught me at 15 years old a lesson that would go on to shape my life: There was a Secret War against True Philosophical Education that began in 399 CE with the Death of Socrates that we all were witnessing in 1995 when the US Government decided to cut the funding of our Art Departments from our Educational System while they spent more time and effort publicizing cum stains on a dress.

This led me to ask, “What was so DANGEROUS about the Ancient Greek Educational System that the Holy Roman Empire spent more than 2,000 years keeping from us?”

My conclusion? The 12 Ethics. The God Code.

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