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The 2,000 Year War on Education
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Alexander was a student of Aristotle. 

He reminds me very much of the terrorists who learned how to fly airplanes, but not land them prior to 9/11.

Alexander was 18 when he rose to power as he did. 

I have no doubt, he had The God Code, but not the 12 Ethics. 

No student of the 12 Ethics would ever do what he did, which raised great concern for me: “What happens if The God Code were to fall into the wrong hands?” 

I will be blunt. It did.

And that is only a problem if The God Code is kept a secret. 

And it was.

I imagine my Masters kept it a secret because they did Fear, as did I, that it could fall into the wrong hands. 

Fear is Consumption.

That is their mistake. 

They did not trust the People.

This made the People vulnerable to Abusers of The God Code.

“Should I share this with the World?” 

“What if it falls into the wrong hands?”

“Anna. It already has. 2,000 years ago. And look what they did with it?” 

The God Code cannot be kept a secret.

This is what this is all about.

The God Code is only dangerous if people are Ignorant of Consumption.

I debated following the actions of Plato and Socrates, hoarding The God Code from others to protect them. But that would leave you all vulnerable to Abusers. And you all already are. 

We are all victims of Consumption. 

This Knowledge cannot be hoarded. It must be shared and known by all and with it The Curse of Consumption.

Alexander marked the Rise of the Roman Era.

Rome was birthed on the Corruption of The God Code and the Fingerprint of Consumption. And that is how I would come to track it through all of history. 

The Dichotomy of Good and Evil had begun.


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