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The 2,000 Year War on Education
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“We’ve strayed far from Manilius. A question that may have occurred to you is the extent to which Augustus used Manilius’ poem as part of his ideological machine. We have no evidence to suggest that he made any use whatsoever of the Astronomica or its author. The first book of the Astronomica was written no earlier than 9 CE, by which time Augustus was in his 70s. Two years later, in 11 CE, Augustus put a ban on individual consultation of astrologers. He did this, I think, not for the reason that older historians used to suggest–namely that, being an enlightened ruler, he wanted to get all that unscientific nonsense out of Rome. ” – by David Wray


This is incorrect, David. 

Astrology that Plato taught is not the “Astrology” that was taught today. 

Plato’s Astrology was taught following Logic, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, and then Astrology in that order.

Astronomy and Astrology were the Scientific Mapping of the Stars and the Planets and the study of their movement.

“Astrology” is a Chain Reaction Science that calculates the highest Probability of events via Catalyst and Response over multiple Consequential Generations of Symptoms marked by Milestones of Human Behavior. It is Math. 

“Divination” is just Reverse Engineering Intuition.

Everything, mathematically, becomes painfully predictable. 

The Universe is a Clock. 

Earth is a Cog.

And when you can See the Universal Clock, You can “tell Time.” 

A Platonic Astrologer can predict wars, empires, civilizations, and Societal Movement like you can predict that tomorrow, one hour after 1:00 PM EST, it will be 2:00 PM EST and that, 12 hours from then, it will be 2:00 AM EST.

So boring.

Every time you predict the time, you are using Astrology and Divination. Every time you predict that the sun will rise tomorrow, you are using Astrology and Divination. 

Plato’s Astrologers added the 12 Ethical Perspective of Human Growth and Evolution to their “predictions” as well. 

It becomes so simple and easy that, through highly complex mathematical trajection, you can “predict” the future because it’s called Pattern Recognition and Mathematical Sequencing. 

Very boring.

It’s very, VERY Scientific. It is not nonsense. People squealing over their Astrological signs being “accurate” is like squealing in awe over the predictability of a clock.

This is how I was able to predict this:

And, in 2022, I built The Healing Garden in response.

Yes. When I speak to someone, I can predict their future, read their life, and also, predict the rise and fall of our society. 

But it bores me. Because it’s just reading a highly predictable clock. I have better things to do that entertain people who aren’t focused on their Learning Journey of The Discovered Self.


The Educational System will collapse. The Economy will crash. The Society will fall. Psychologists will be clueless as to what to do. The Healing Garden is a net to catch Society when it does. 

Very boring.


And… One Philosopher told One Roman Empire, once upon a time, that the Roman Empire would Fall. 

I believe that this is the Catalyst for Rome’s War on Education. 

They tried to make The Roman Empire last forever.

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