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The 2,000 Year War on Education
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I do not believe that the Holy Roman Empire targeted Scientists. I believe they killed those with the 12 Ethics and The God Code and the True History of the Roman Empire.

The world is not safe for The Genius. There was “safe” knowledge, which was authorized by The Holy Roman Empire, and there were the 12 Ethics and The God Code.

By DaVinci’s era, the Genius’ had figured it out. If you could see the 12 Ethics and if you dared speak of the 12 Ethics, that opened the door into the Abstract. You would be killed or imprisoned. 

But more than that, not only could we see the 12 Ethics and The God Code, we could see this History of Rome’s War on Education.

On one side of Genius, you were safe, but those who ventured to either of those two subjects, a death sentence awaited you.

This changed with Nietzsche. Thus Spoke Zarathustra openly confronted the Question of God. But his writings in The Gay Science was a very familiar “babble” of miscomprehension I knew too well. 

The words of someone who could See the Abstract, but could not explain due to insufficient vocabulary not yet invented and defined.

In Nietzsche, VanGogh, and Wain, I saw my future if I too did not find a way.

For this, I turned to Tolkien and Professor Higgins. I knew Language and Linguistics and I studied Tolkien’s craft to learn from him, how he invented a language. 

Logic, Taxonomy, and Etymology became my saving grace from my own “insanity.”

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