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The 2,000 Year War on Education
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It took me a long time to track the Catalyst of The God Code.

I do not give any statement, one way or another on whether or not these things are True or not. This is just an Hypothesis that provides substantial Logic and Comprehension to “What happened.” 

All Legends and stories contain elements of Truth. 

For this reason, it is imperative that we look and consider all possibilities and resources. 

I am not of The Christian Religion.

Jesus Christ is my peer in Philosophy and is my fellow Philosopher as we attended the same School of Philosophy and had the same Master.

I was able to trace the 12 Ethics Origin to one Source: King Solomon

King Solomon asked God for Wisdom to rule his people. God was so touched by Solomon’s request that God himself spoke to Solomon and gave him, what I believe to be, are the 12 Ethics. 

The God Code. 

Now, I will translate this into my own experience. 

When you learn Logic and Physics, you learn the Language of The Universe. And then you can “listen” to her, speak to her, and “converse” through Intuition, Identity, the Subconscious Mind, and Feelings.

With those People, and they are People for they are parts of you and they are sentient, you can work together as a team to interpret Natural Law through Reverse Engineering of Intuition. 

This is what I teach in the Course “Plato’s Curriculum.” 

This is what I learned from Plato. 

This is what Pythagoras, Christ, Newton, and I all did. This is how you Reverse Engineer an Academic Discipline. I believe Solomon may have been the First. 

I believe Solomon Reverse Engineered the 12 Ethics. 

There is a point where you realize that Logic and Physics are sentient. And that Mother Nature and The Force known as Love is also Sentient. 

I do not know yet if Consumption is Sentient. I do truly wonder.

I believe that the Subconscious Mind is also Sentient. 

So when “Solomon asked God for Wisdom,” … He did exactly the same thing I did. 

I manifested The Truth and Wisdom so that I might save the World and Heal the People.  

I did this at 4 years old while watching my brother mutilate animals.

I did it again, all my life. 

This last year, I entered into a conversation with The Mother, and I asked her for All the Truth that is relevant to my Quest.

You do not get to have all the Truth until and unless she deems you worthy.

It is a servitude very much… exactly like… it is a Knight vowing allegiance to The Nature. I have taken this vow. 

I am Honor bound by the 12 Ethics.

I cannot lie. It is not possible.

I cannot lie.

I am Honor bound. 

Mother Nature would never permit me to have this knowledge or wisdom any other way. My Fealty is to the 12 Ethics, Her People, and My Quest to Heal the World.

I asked for the Physics and the Logic and the Math so that I might prove my Sanity to the World so that Abusers hidden in False Authority can’t hurt me or interfere while I do the work of Mother Nature.

I believed Solomon made the same vow. I know he did. There is no other way that Mother Nature will allow this knowledge to be obtained.

The Universe runs on Logical Code that I manifest.

I asked Mother Nature for this power and she granted. I can manifest now up to 2o minutes.

The very first thing I manifested when I obtained this knowledge was that no one who is not deemed worthy by the Universe may ever obtain this Power. 

No power of Manifestation will ever be allowed or permitted by anyone with Consumption. 

No Manifestation can ever be made that violates any of the 12 Ethics.

No one who pursues the Ethics for Power may ever obtain that Power.

Anyone who kills a bug for the joy of it and does not progress through the 12 Ethics, will come back in the next life as a bug.

I am trying to figure out if others should have this power. But…

“The very first thing I manifested when I obtained this knowledge was that no one who is not deemed worthy by the Universe may ever obtain this Power.”

Logical Code is dangerous if not used properly.

Catch-22’s and Logical Loops are “Fail Safes” when the Logical Code is not done properly. A Time Paradox will occur long before the Universe can implode and cease to exist.

Doc Brown’s concern is not possible.

Solomon had this knowledge. When you obtain this knowledge, you recognize it in others.

Cervantes had this Knowledge. DaVinci has this Knowledge. Shakespeare had this Knowledge.

You don’t have this Knowledge and not Heal the World or pursue World Peace. 

That is how I know I am the only one. For now.

Because you do not have this power and do nothing.

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