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The 2,000 Year War on Education
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Temples were not Religious “Churches.”

“Worship” was not the praising of Gods.

“Sacrifice” is a Peace Offering required to obtain Equal Footing. Think Thanos and Gemora. 

Temples were Universities, Libraries, and Museums. 

Temples were Places dedicated to Wisdom and Knowledge of the 12 Ethics. 

Solomon’s Temple was the First. La Academia, Alexandria, Ireland, and my Healing Garden… Are some examples of Museums with Alexandria’s being the most famous.  

This is why I chose New York City. The Museums, the Theater and Stage, the Wisdom, The Street Bards… New York City is the Epicenter of Education and the World Capital of Knowledge and Wisdom.

The entire City is dedicated to Knowledge and Wisdom.

I was able to track “The God Code” throughout all of History because I have the Psychological Fingerprint of the 12 Ethics. 

The next place they showed up, was Pythagoras, 570 – c. 495 BC


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