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The 2,000 Year War on Education
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Up, in the Far North the Celtic Clans remained untouched by Rome. The Celts, Scandinavians, and Germanic Tribes were too strong to be taken down or placed under submission of the Roman Empire.

… I just realized. I am 100% pure Celtic, German, and Scandinavian. LMAO! It’s like Rome is my sworn enemy… 


… It’s in my blood.

My people do NOT submit. 

… Back to the lesson…

While Rome played its Political Circus, Ireland nourished under their love, passion, and cherished nurturing of Education. The Politics of early Tribal Wars passed very quickly in Ireland, and their society evolved at a much faster rate due to the Educational System that was nourished there. 

I credit this to their Philosopher Bards who mingled with the people. I credit this to the much needed Preservation of The Storyteller. For without the Storyteller then who will translate?

Psychologists, Philosophers, Healers, Teachers, this is their true purpose in life that they all have abandoned. Translating for Mother Nature, which the Irish preserved and cherished. 

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