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The 2,000 Year War on Education (399 BCE to Today)
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There is in every madman a misunderstood genius whose idea, shining in his head, frightened people, and for whom delirium was the only solution to the strangulation that life had prepared for him. – Antonin Artaud

Finally. Some logical sense in this world. 

“A misunderstood genius”

The Core of all Fear is Fear of the Unknown Self.

Specifically, Fear of the Unknown Self in the Ethical Trial of Good and Evil.

When something is “unknown” it is the absence of the Answer to the Question, “Am I good?”

And we will not know until and unless we proceed, trial, test, and succeed… or fail.

For many of us, the test of knowing our own Ethical Integrity, fills us with such terror, that it leads to a deep fear of the unknown. 

And there is nothing more terrifying than the Question, “Who are we?”

The very question, Genius’ pursue. 

Is it no wonder that the Ostriches, who have dedicated their lives to avoiding those questions turn on those who pursue them? 

We are terrified of being Unethical. And Genius’ picked at that scratch. 

The 5 year old looks admirably on to the 15 year old. “I want to be that some day!” 

The 20 year old looks at the 20 year old with behaviors that do not fit into their logical understanding of the world. “What is wrong with this person?” 

To know the answer, they would have to dig. 

To dig, they would have to confront the Self. 

To confront the Self, they would have to face the question, “And I Ethical? What even is Ethical? What if I’m not Ethical?” 

Insane means “Not understood by my Logical Understanding.” 

But instead of diving deep to try and figure this out, instead, they label “Insanity” and walk away.

There are things that are so new to our Understanding of Reality that not even the words exist yet to explain them. 

I was astounded at how much my “frustration” and “Desperation” to be understood, which was often called “insanity” vanished, when I invented the language for what I was seeing. 

The more I built the Logical Proofs, found the Math, Invented Integration Mathematics, and found the Physics to prove my work, the more I invented Abstractic just so I could explain it to others, the more my “frustration” and “Desperation,” my “Insanity” vanished. 

The most startling of this came to me when I recently visited the ER. 

All my life, when I visited the ER, I was greeted with impatience, malcontent, and annoyance from staff. 

After my “Mental Illnesses” subsided and Logical Comprehension of my understanding of the Universe came to me, what I saw was a difference of night and day. 

Instead of waiting 30 minutes to an hour for medical service, I waited 5 minutes.

Apparently, Medical Professionals roll out the red carpet for “their peers.” As soon as they heard me speak, and assessed my intelligence was above par, the stigma of Mental Health vanished, seemingly before my eyes. 

My mind had not changed. 

Only my language had. 

Just my language. 

This reminds me of the movie Nell, where they question her sanity all because she can’t “speak” a version of English they could understand. 

And as the Educational System is dumbing down America, people are fearing the unknown more and more, and those with higher intelligence are being labelled, abused, and rejected for it. 

The stupid in the world are medicated the higher intelligent because the stupid in the world is too stupid to recognize the difference between A language barrier and Genius.

The Stupid have too much Authority. 


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