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The 2,000 Year War on Education
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My Master. 

In 1992, in the World Book Encyclopedia, I located Plato’s Curriculum under La Academia

I was 12 years old at the time. The same age I would have attended in Ancient Greece had I lived there.

“Let no man who has not studied Geometry enter these walls.”

Theses words were etched in marble on the Main Entrance. 

Athena and her Scared Olive Tree. I later learned that Plato had a Garden also around his School. 

I later learned, in 2023, that he too had a serious obsession for Ship Metaphors. But it was his Republic that bonded me very closely to Plato when he mentioned “A Philosopher King” as the only Qualified Leader.

Solomon was a Philosopher King. 

This is when I formed “The Ship of State” and then “The Alma Mater,” which is Latin for “The Nourishing Mother.” 

The Healing Garden is not a Government. We do not acknowledge a Hierarchy. We are an Alma Mater who sits on Equal Footing to The People where we can Nurture them. Hence, The Healing Garden.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

All I ever learned from Plato was his Curriculum. I just followed it without question or amendment. 

I learned Socratic Method. I learned Logic. I learned Music.

In that order.

And then, I read “Sophie’s World” by Jostein Gaardner. 

I then I read The Great Books while I followed my Intuition through Plato’s Curriculum. 

That is it.

That is all I did.

And that is all that is needed. 

That is what The Healing Garden teaches you here. 

From Plato (427 BC), to Socrates (469 BC), to Aristotle (384 BC), to Christ.

And that, led me to Rome.

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