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The 2,000 Year War on Education
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The Irish annals for the fifth-century date Patrick’s arrival in Ireland at 432, but they were compiled in the mid-6th century at the earliest.[17] The date 432 was probably chosen to minimise the contribution of Palladius, who was known to have been sent to Ireland in 431, and maximise that of Patrick.[19] A variety of dates are given for his death. In 457 “the elder Patrick” (IrishPatraic Sen) is said to have died: this may refer to the death of Palladius, who according to the Book of Armagh was also called Patrick.[19] In 461/2 the annals say that “Here some record the repose of Patrick”;[20]: 19  in 492/3 they record the death of “Patrick, the arch-apostle (or archbishop and apostle) of the Scoti”, on 17 March, at the age of 120.[20]: 31  – –  Wikipedia

In 1995, I studied the Rise of Hitler. The tactics Hitler used were identical to the Roman Empire from 336 CE to 450 CE. 


It looked like Hitler read my account of Roman History and the 12 Ethics and executed it verbatim in one night. 

It was Hitler who made me recognize the Pattern in Roman Militia.

Hitler was 10th (Approx) in command. In one night, he staged an execution to have each person above him executed simultaneously. The same strategy Rome used to take out every major Educational Hub in all of the Empire.  

By dawn, Hitler had monopolized all Power in Militia.

By the 5th Century, The Holy Roman Empire had monopolized all Power in Knowledge.

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