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The 2,000 Year War on Education
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Taking a wider scope on the “Fall”of the Roman Empire, what it really looked like was an uprising as the People revolted. 

The Retreat of Western Rome to the East. A plan to rebrand and rise up. The Invention and Doctoring of The Christian Religion (Story is how people learn and how we teach), and then the forced “Convert-Or-Die” tactics of The Roman Empire, which are very much associated with the “Convert-Or-Die” tactics of the Christian Religion.

The Roman Empire force fed their doctored story to The People. To watch the imperialization of The Holy Roman Empire was to rewatch the same imperialization of the Roman Empire all over again. 

The only difference was, the Knowledge of Vitalogy — How to teach People in Story — was present. 100% of every move the Holy Roman Empire made was identical to the Roman Empire when Alexander The Great expanded Rome’s Empire.

The Christianization of Scandinavia in the 10th Century, The 1500’s Spanish Inquisition, The Irish Genocide of the 1500’s, and the Scottish-English War with Mary Queen of Scots, which led to the Battle of Culloden. 

100% of it all was identical to the Militia Mind of the Roman Empire. Narcissistic Rulers using Vitalogy (The Science of Story and Pythagorean Psychology) to manipulate, imperialize, and terrorize the people into submission to preserve their Political Power Dynamic. 

And Alexander had studied Vitalogy under Aristotle.

The Dark Ages was like a massive Submission to the Power Dynamic. Society had collapsed. The Middle Class was gone. The Dark Ages of the 4th Century provides a very realistic snap shot of our own future in a few hundred years if things don’t change. 

Powerful Power preserving their Power Dynamic and the Ignorant Poor too uneducated in Problem Solving to “figure it out.” Too ignorant to even know they are enslaved. 

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