The Death of Socrates, 399 BC

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The 2,000 Year War on Education (399 BCE to Today)
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This has been something that has bothered me for some time. 

“Why did Rome kill Socrates.”

“Because Socrates grew too Powerful.”

That has “The 12 Ethics” written all over it.

But why Socrates? 

Why not Aristotle, Plutarch, Plato, or Vetruvius. Why Socrates?

Rome wrote their own History books.

I have one Hypothesis.

Socrates knew something that the Roman Empire did not want Socrates to spread.

Rome was a Military Power. 

Military has a long history of using the Genius of others to create Weapons of Warfare.

It is common to see Military use Genius and then kill them. 

The thing is, the Trial of Socrates was as much a Circus and a joke as Christs’ Trial.

“Corrupting the youth? Against Rome? Or Atheistic Religious Practices?

Inconsistency is the first Red Flag of Mathematics that Truth is not present.  

It feels like Socrates knew something that Rome wanted to keep secret.

Socrates = Professor Slughorn

The Roman Empire = Tom Riddle

Just an hypothesis, but there are way too many similarities between Socrates and Christ that cannot be ignored.

The thing is, 60 years later, Alexander The Great would secure the majority of The Roman Empire at the age of 18 after abandoning his studies with Aristotle.

Something stinks in the state of Rome.

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