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The 2,000 Year War on Education
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Christianity had been outlawed since 60 CE and, in 320 CE, Constantine I became the first Roman Emperor to declare himself a Christian. Now why would he do that? Where would the Emperor get access to an illegal underground religion? 

Regardless, in 320 CE, The Emperor Constantine legalized Christianity and The Roman Empire closed themselves away behind closed doors.

Between 320 CE and 380 CE, The Roman Empire built The Christian Religion. And in 380, they changed their name to The Holy Roman Empire. 

Business Men call this “Re-Branding.”

In 380 CE, the Holy Roman Empire declared Christianity as the official religion of the Holy Roman Empire and, somewhere between 380 and 391, Theodosius I ordered the destruction of Alexandria.

The Roman world painted on Wikipedia is very different from the Roman world painted in A World Lit Only By Fire by William Manchester. 

On Wikipedia, there is order, chaos, mayhem, and disorder. 

In A World Lit Only By Fire, there is strategic and careful execution with precise deliberation by the Holy Roman Empire that correlates very heavily with Becket.

Thing is, you don’t take down people like Socrates or Christ, you do not have a powerful Militia like Rome had while also lacking the Societal Discipline and know-how to organize all the events that would follow from 200 CE to 500 CE.

Those who organize war have significant insight for the Big Picture, which Rome’s Militia had mastered. 

The chaos depicted by Wikipedia, contradicts the Psychology of The Roman Empire as well as the events that fell too perfectly into place for them over the next 300 years.




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