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The 2,000 Year War on Education
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“Small Minds talk about People. Average Minds talk about Events. Great Minds talk about Ideas.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Of course. lol… I thought this line was anonymous. lmao… Eleanor Roosevelt is one of my Role Models and inspirations. I had no idea that these words were her words… These words are what fueled my education at age 12. Thank you, so much, Eleanor. You beautiful woman.

History was a difficult “thing” to figure out. It was strangely absent from Plato’s Curriculum.

This is because “Small minds talk about People. Average Minds talk about Events.” And History only talks about People and Events.

100% of the US Educational System only talks about People and Events.

Plato and Alexandria did not have a course on History. It is useless… or, so I thought until I built this course.

Done right, History is supposed to be a Story, much like Aesop’s Fables. With a Moral Lesson told after. 

Understanding “What happened” to our Educational System is a Story that must be told so that we know, so that we learn, so that we always remember the 12 Ethics and we never forget the 12 Ethics ever again.

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