The 2,000 Year War on Education

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We are all Victims of Uneducation. Poor Education is the Invisible Catalyst of every single problem in existence today. But this did not “just happen.” The Educational System has been absent and Compromised since 380 CE. And we are suffering from this since.

Scientists started to notice in the 1960’s.

The People just started to notice about 15 years ago.

I noticed in 1992 when I started to do the research to figure out why The Dark Ages happened. Did no one else notice that we went from a thriving, flourishing culture of Ancient Rome to instant Dark Ages in less than 100 years?

Did anyone ever stop to ask why?

Did anyone ever stop to see the impact this has had since?

Did anyone notice the dominoes falling for nearly 2,000 years?

How This Affects You Every Day

People abuse others because they were not taught Vitalogy or the 12 Ethical Perspective Stages of Human Growth and Evolution.

Parents don’t know how to parents because they were not taught Vitalogy or the 12 Ethical Perspective Stages of Human Growth and Evolution.

Divorce rates are high because they were not taught Vitalogy or the 12 Ethical Perspective Stages of Human Growth and Evolution.

We have a Mental Health Crisis right now because people were not taught Vitalogy or the 12 Ethical Perspective Stages of Human Growth and Evolution.

The Economy is failing and crashing. The Middle class is shrinking because Economists were not taught Vitalogy or the 12 Ethical Perspective Stages of Human Growth and Evolution.

The Educational Systems has dropped our IQ since the 60’s because Educators were not taught Vitalogy or the 12 Ethical Perspective Stages of Human Growth and Evolution.

When the Educators don’t know, how to Educate, the Society is over.

Ethics, Learning, and Mental Health are actually all the same thing. But Education is so poor that people, not even Educators or Psychologists, know this. Because the Education is so poor. Ethics, Learning, and Mental Health are Synonymous.

In the future, Healers, Parents, Teachers, Educators, Philosophers, and Economists, will all be the same job.

They are all Vitalogists. Each of these people today are doing only 1/6th of their job. Each of these people today are missing 5/6th of comprehension of their job.

The Importance of Education

100% of us, each and every one, is a bi-product of our education. We were not taught Vitalogy or the 12 Ethical Perspective Stages of Human Growth and Evolution.

But this is not a “new” problem. The Education is so poor that people do not even know the source of the Poor Education. They have no idea why none of us are educated enough to “figure any of this out.”

When everyone asks, “What is wrong with the world today?” and every one is too ignorant and uneducated to know what is wrong with the world today, it’s education. Education is what is wrong with the world today. Because if we had the education, then we would know what is wrong with the world today and we would have fixed it immediately.

There is “Information” and then there is “Education.”

We do not have an Educational System.

We have an Informational System.

We do not have an Educational System.

We have an Informational System.

You don’t know it, but in 380 CE, there was a War declared on Education, and Education was wiped out through the entire Western Culture. And every attempt to revive education launched a war. Have you heard of the Crusades? The Victors wrote the books. So the Victors, who want to hide the War on Education, won’t say “The War on Education.”

The War on Education began in 399 BCE when the Roman Empire killed Socrates… and then later Christ… and then they destroyed the Epicenter of Education, The World Capital of Education, Alexandria… and then they went for Ireland, which was the second largest Education Center… (St. Patrick saved it. That is what he really did. But in the 1600’s they found out and launched a Genocide in Ireland)… and Crusades? The Islamic Golden Age was thriving and they had brought back Vitalogy and the 12 Ethics… They were Reverse Engineering the Academic Disciplines again…

Where do you think Academic Disciplines come from? Do you know? It’s usually the work of one person who knows how to Reverse Engineer Intuition into an Academic Discipline. This is Vitalogy and the 12 Ethics.

Imagine having the knowledge to Reverse Engineer your own Intuition to invent your own Academic Discipline. Imagine if everyone could do this.

“Select Scientists” over 800 years, who could, were executed.

Every one of these acts was because the Target had Vitalogy and the 12 Ethical Perspective Stages of Human Growth and Evolution, and they could Reverse Engineer their own Academic Disciplines. The Holy Roman Empire believed Education was so Evil that only the “Purist of Faith” could withstand the Learning process.

And this was enforced from the 6th Century to the 17th. However, Where did they get the knowledge if they destroyed all the Universities and Educational Epicenters?

They scrounged. That is what they did. They scrounged. They found what little they could in the Dark Ages around 1088 CE when they realized the severity of ignorance. Our Informational System today is the great great great grandchild of that Dark Aged hodge podge that they scrounged up. THAT is what YOU are learning. That is what EVERYONE is learning. Dark Aged Cocktail of remnants and scraps.

Remember Star Trek? the Managerie?

“They tried to put me back together again but they had no idea what a human looked like.”

They tried to put the Educational System back together again, but they had no idea what it looked like. And that is what you and your children, your teachers, your Philosophers, your Economists, and your Educators are all getting their degrees in. Dark Aged Scraps.

They don’t teach this in schools, because Educators don’t know.

But scholars like William Manchester, Neuroscientists, Thomas Sewell and myself have done the RIGHT research to figure it out. And every time someone tries to talk out loud about Vitalogy and the 12 Ethical Perspective Stages of Human Growth and Evolution, they end up dead.

No one has died over this since the 1800’s… so I’m assuming… it’s safe to come out now.

Geniuses been waiting for the Roman Empire to fall, which it did not do. It rebranded itself “The Holy Roman Empire,” faked its own death, and secretly launched a War on Education so that no one could figure it out. Only… they did.

Every Genius from 1500 to today, has figured this out and they embedded it into their books. So Geniuses who read The Great Books, can find it again. I first found it in 1992, I took it on as my Life Work in 1995, and in 1998, I found the first “piece” of the puzzle. I have been doing nothing else but assembling all of the REAL Education that we lost.

About This Course

This Course takes you through the history of Vitalogy and the 12 Ethical Perspective Stages of Human Growth and Evolution. And the War on Education that The Roman Empire/Holy Roman Empire spent 2,000 years fighting to keep Vitalogy away from Society.


Where did our Education come from? When did our Education first get built? Was our Education always this bad?

You don’t know it, but today’s Societal problems are the results of a 2,000 year old Chain Reaction that has gone unresolved for so long, that it has stopped our Evolutional Growth, Reversed our Intelligence and IQ, and is causing a Societal Collapse and a Mental Health Pandemic.

This is the History Lesson, you should have gotten in high school, that you didn’t because of the same 2,000 year long War on Education that is so embedded into our Culture, most people don’t even see it, even though the books and sources are there.

That is how abysmal our Education is.

To understand the Scope of the Problem, the Solution, the Value of Vitalogy and the 12 Ethics, and the Mission of The Healing Garden, you must first understand about The 2,000 Year long War On Education.

At this point, our Society is dependent upon it.

Our future depends on this.

The Human Race’s continued existence depends on this.

Only the Educated and only the Intelligent will survive. There are many “Modern Neanderthals” who will die out from extinction before they learn.


What does Education do?

Education is Self-Preservation. It is knowing how to Self-Preserve. It is knowing how to manage and prevent problems.


One woman I know was so ignorant that she soaked a raw chicken in bleach prior to cooking it to “prevent” salmonella poisoning. She ended up poisoning her entire family.

Another couple I know, fed their infant cheeseburgers because they were too ignorant to know that infants can’t chew without teeth.

No one is immune.

A month ago I spoke to a highly intelligent woman who deemed herself “a savant,” but who was so egregiously uneducated in Mental Illness, that she thought her PTSD symptoms were “characteristics of Genius,” which she teaches to her children. This is common. I see this a lot. Intelligent, but uneducated people with Mental Illness who think their Mental Illnesses are “gifts.” In addition, this woman owns her own Coaching Business and is teaching others “her gifts” right now.  She has certificates, Degrees, and Ratings all given to her by people who are as uneducated as she.

You should be scared. We talk about Quality and Standards in my other Courses. I also teach the Skills to Determine the Quality of someone’s Work. No Credentials required. Credentials were invented by Narcissists who lacked a Valuable Product.

Another woman I know of ran the car over her own child because she was too “unaware” to even check in the back to see if all of her children were there.

A Society lives, dies, rises, and falls on its Education.

Educators are so uneducated that they don’t even know why they study or teach most of their own subjects and, Philosophers are now talking about cutting half of the Philosophy field because “they don’t get it.”

This is why we’re getting dumber.

Because Educators, over the last 60 years… Since the Dark Ages, have been cutting our Education more and more because “they don’t see its value.”

Most people have no idea what Art is for and what it actually does for our Education and our Mental Health and our Minds.

To fully understand today’s problems, you have to go back to Pythagoras. You have to go back to King Solomon and his pursuit for Wisdom. You have to know what really happened.

What is wrong with the world today?

We forgot the 12 Ethics. We forgot the Lost Science of Vitalogy. We have been missing a Science from our culture since 380 CE. That is what is wrong with the world toady.


The information in this course is 100% Logical Deduction based on my knowledge of History, Sociology, and the Pythagorean Psychology of The Roman Empire, The Christian Religion, Irish History, Roman History, Jesus Christ, Philosophy, The 12 Ethics, and Business.

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What Will You Learn?

  • The Core Mission Behind the Creation of The Healing Garden
  • What happened to today's Educational System
  • Why our Educational Systems are Failing Us
  • The Original Educational System That We Were Supposed To Be Learning
  • The Trail of the 12 Ethical Stages of Perspective Human Growth and Evolution
  • The Hidden, 2,000 Year Long War Against Education
  • How the Loss of The 12 Ethics affected today's Educational System
  • The Solution to correct our Educational Crisis

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