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The 2,000 Year War on Education
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In this course, I provide you dates that are approximations. I try to keep the “believed to be known as facts” as plainly stated and sources cited as clearly as possible.

Where the dates are inconsistent, I tell you, expect, in most cases, the dates are irrelevant. What matters only is The Order of Operations, and that the Events DID happen. 

“Why” events happened is a problem. 

The Victor always gets to write their own Hero’s Journey. As a result, the “reasons” or “intentions” behind wars and marriages, changes in society are made up to get whatever cooperation the Political Powers need to execute their plan with the greatest of ease. 

Rule #1 of a Dictator : Don’t let them know they are a dictator

Rule #2 of a Slave Owner : Don’t let them know they are slaves

Rule #3 of a War General. : Don’t let them know you enjoy War 

Rule #4 of an Unwanted Power who didn’t fall when they were supposed to, Fake your own Death.

War is Business.

Society Management requires Marketing Campaigns, Planning, and Unethical Manipulation if you are bad at managing a Society.

For that reason, 100% of the “reasons for wars” that we were told in schools, educators were just reading from the Victor’s War Diaries. 

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