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The 2,000 Year War on Education
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“Among the religious observances that took place at the Akademeia was a torchlit night race from altars within the city to Prometheus’ altar in the Akademeia.” – Wikipedia

Prometheus’ Fire was metaphor for Wisdom and Knowledge of the Gods. 

Plato had an Informal Curriculum. The reason for this is for the same reason that my Curriculum is informal. 

“The Learning Journey of The Discovered Self” must be chosen by The Student. Whatever subjects draws the Student is what the Student must study. Only then can the Student know The Self.  

Plato’s Curriculum is the Foundation to get started. It is the Base line of the 12 Ethics. And, it is the Pilgrimage of The Self. 

It is the “Path” and each path must be chosen by the Student. 

The University’s Purpose is to provide the Resources. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Freedom, The 2nd Ethic, must be Preserved by the Master at all times. This is why The Curriculum was informal.

Plato provided the “Ignition” just as we do here in The Healing Garden. Nothing more. Nothing less.

To do any more than this is to violate the 1st Ethic, the 6th Ethic, and then the 9th Ethic, which 100% of all Parents, Teachers, and Governments today do. Hence, the Educational Crisis in today’s Culture.

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