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The 2,000 Year War on Education
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The Age of Enlightenment is a joke to me. Society was too ignorant to know what “Enlightenment” even is. Education was starting to come back, in trickled format. People were allowed to read… but only some. 

Books were now published when the Printing Press was invented. But the books had to be all in Latin and most people were too poor to afford them. They were a luxury for the Wealthy. 

Tyndale would die for translating the Bible. It was not an Age of Enlightenment. It was The Dark Ages 2.0

Vitalogy and the 12 Ethics were still missing. Read Charles Dickens and Sweeney Todd. If you think that is barbaric, imagine how it was in “The Age of Enlightenment.”

“The Age of Enlightenment” was a marketing campaign. Just like my Age of Authenticity is. It’s a tag line to help The Vision of the New Era. It is designed to set a tone. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Voltaire? The French Revolution to come? The Protestant Reformation? 

Try “The Age of War.” That is the True Name of “The Age of Enlightenment.”

The Holy Roman Empire had a choke hold on every scholar, using Politics and Business Marketing and Reputation to sink any threat that dared question its authority.

And what we saw was the birth and the shaping of our own current political system.

It’s just a Power Dynamic. And we are all caught in the middle of it, and are at the mercy of it.

Welcome to “Hierarchical Rule.”

It doesn’t matter what you call it, Monarch, Feudal, Dictator, Totalitarian, Democracy, Communism (which does not exist… it was a marketing campaign invented so the US could declare war and get the people’s Cooperation).

You’re splitting hairs. 

In the end, they are ALL Hierarchical and that is the problem. All Hierarchy will always be corrupt. Because the Hierarchy always stands without Equal Footing. Always. They can exist no other way.

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