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The 2,000 Year War on Education
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The Fingerprint of The Roman Empire/The Holy Roman Empire is Narcissism. Narcissism does not effect an Individual. It is a Societal Disease. This is why a Narcissist is fine alone. But put them with another person, and the Parasite begins to feed.

The Roman Empire’s Military tactics, “Divide and Conquer,” are exactly how a Narcissist moves. The Roman Empire’s Military Mind was 100% Narcissism. The Holy Roman Empire was a smoke and mirror show. 

That eventually forgot it was a smoke and mirror show. It believed its own lies. And then it evolved into something else over time, without any memory of its own parent. But its teachings, behaviors, tactics, are embedded into its Religious Campaign. 

The #1 thing that was taught in Plato’s Philosophy? 

People learn through Story. That is Philosophers are Bards. We teach through Story. We learn through Story. To Study Plato’s Philosophy was to study and Master Storytelling backed by the skills to Reverse Engineer Academic Disciplines so we can internalize and read all of Nature while we improvise Story. 

You can’t memorize that.


But to pull this off, no one can know The Laws of The Narcissist: 

No One, Not even the Narcissist, can know what the Narcissist really is: A Magician, A Salesman, and A Coward. 

As soon as you know the Magician’s trick, the Magic ends and the spell breaks. 

So all of Education had to die so the Delusion could remain. 

It was Vitalogy and the 12 Ethics within the Educational System vs. The Societal Delusion of The Roman Empire.

Because Vitalogy and the 12 Ethics teaches you how to See Truth from Lie. You study Vitalogy and the 12 Ethics, and you become a human Lie Detector. Your Logic becomes so Pure, that Narcissism doesn’t stand a chance. Narcissism won’t even work.

So, Vitalogy and the 12 Ethics were an immediate and direct threat to the Roman Empire’s War Campaign to force the people into submission so they could not attempt another uprising. 

Double advantage: A War on Education, would leave the People too ignorant to even know they are slaves born into slavery without an opportunity or a choice to escape.

But the People go on to be Rulers. And so the People victimized by ignorance, were always less educated than their predecessor.

… And this continued for 1,600 years up to and including today.

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