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The Teacher’s Journey
Triadic Healing Part #2
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Plato’s Curriculum ended at Astronomy and Astrology. After that, there was nothing. 

I was looking for Education and Parenting. I was looking for Philosophy. It was on the 7th, 8th, and 9th Ethic that I realized Plato’s Curriculum was matched to and mirroring my 12 Ethical Pilgrimage. 

I was delighted to follow his Curriculum in depth, seeing which each shift would lead to the next Perspective Shift. And how “Biology” was so late to the Party, which now makes sense as Math is the language of Life, Physics are the laws of Life, Chemistry are the recipes of Life, and Biology is the Cake. 

When I moved on into Education, beyond Biology, I felt stunned shock at. how “Late to the Game” Education was, and also pure “eureka” at the concept. “Of COURSE Education would be at the “End!” And then I felt pure rage at every Self-Proclaimed “Teacher” who had not arrived at the 28th Level of Consciousness. 

At the 31st Level of Consciousness, I finally felt “Ready” for a Romantic Relationship, which also coincided with “Parenting.” 

And then, at the 36th Level of Consciousness and the Point of Comprehension, I was suddenly completely aware of Everything with a Capital “E.”

I could See Unified Theory and Time. The Perspective Shifts became “Perspective Expansions” (I am currently in the First Expansion), and suddenly True Human Potential, Growth, and Understanding was Known. 

We are “Changelings” who do not know our True Form. We are limitless. They Mind is capable of so much more than we have allowed it to become.  

They Mind is capable of so much more than we have allowed it to become. And at the Point of Comprehension, all limitations are removed from the Mind and True Freedom is Known. 

The Courses under “The Philosopher,” are presented to you here in the Order in which I unlocked them and Mother Nature revealed to me. It was in them that Parenting, Teaching, Healing, Power Economics all became integrated into the same subject: Life. The Story of Us. Human Propagation. Vitalogy.

It was here at the Point of Comprehension that I realized the Learning Journey is all about Learning The Self. And it should not, cannot be about anything more. 

And if anyone takes this Journey away from you, you are not going to be okay. 

“Healing” is all about returning to your Learning Journey so that you may know who you are. 

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