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With all of my work and research, I am hyper vigilant of the quality, fortitude, and credibility of my work. The Scientific Method I use for my work is substantial and includes multiple, additional steps outlined here than what is traditionally practiced even among the greatest of Scientists.

A key difference between my Scientific Method is that I conduct a full “Philosophical Student Cleanse” prior to forming any Logical Proofs and/or Premise to ensure they are void of Bias or error. All Hypothesis are here defined as “Intuitive Feeling” that comes to me as a great Epiphany, much like a moment of “Eureka!”

My goal is always to seek “The Next Greater Whole” for the sole purpose of pursuing Truth, Comprehension, and Explanation. I am unattached to any and all outcomes or ends. The joy and passion of this journey is all that I need to enjoy my work. My work is the Journey and is not at all “The End” results.

After building the Logical Proof and completing the Logical Checks and Balances, I apply my conclusion and my work on myself. If it succeeds, and after I verify and solidify my work with Geometry and/or Physics, I then provide my work to others and monitor their progress and Mental Health of whom many report significant improvement thereafter.

I am a firm believer that, if Logic can prove it, then Geometry and/or Physics is very close by to support it. If something in my work cannot be used and/or proven with Geometry and/or Physics, then I insist on nearly 98%+ accuracy before accepting any of my work, conclusions, or claims to be “proven” or “fact.”

Only then do I permit my work to go to a lab for official study.

My Four Step Process For Creating a Starting Hypothesis:

  1. Evaluate all components
  2. Span out into “Omniscient Overview”
  3. I apply Occam’s Razor while considering all the variables from my Studies. “In Truth there is Simplicity.” – Newton
  4. I form Logical Summary based on Occam’s Razor that I then use as my “Hypothesis” to begin my Scientific Method


The reason for my extensive Scientific Method is because, to date, Psychology, is not counted among the Sciences, nor should it be. However, despite Modern Psychology’s appalling lack of evidence, proof, scientific Method, the beliefs and practices of Modern Psychology are not only widely accepted and practiced, but are also held in high regard equivalent to Medicine.

Despite the majority of Modern Psychology being based on either Conjecture or sheer Observation. Schizophrenia is an excellent example of this. The gross amount of logic absent from Modern Psychology leaves me to this day, baffled.

My work, which I detest being lumped in with the abysmal standards of Modern Psychology, I do not at all refer to as “Psychology” as the word now leaves a vile taste in my mouth. Instead, I prefer to refer to my work as Ontology and bears absolutely no resemblance at all to Modern Psychology.

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