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The Teacher’s Journey
Triadic Healing Part #2
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“And if the teacher told you the answer?” The Nature said. “How do you think you would be different if they had just answered your question?”

“Then I would have the answer,” the Student said. “But not my self. I would have my food, and still not know who I am. I would have my wealth, and still be sad. I would have all the answers of the Universe and still be lost.” 

“So what is the purpose of a teacher?” the Nature said. 

“To help the student find The Self,” the Student said.


“Asking the questions that leads the way to The Self,” the Student said. “Because Curiosity and Desire and The Journey are the True Teacher.” 

“Help the student find The Self, but using questions that ignite their curiosity,” the Nature said. “And then, directing them to ask others their questions.”

“What other tools do I need for teaching?” the Student asked. 

“You are at the Point of Comprehension,” the Nature said, indicating the Pool and the Clearing. “What tools do you think you needed to get here?”


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