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In my previous article, “The Cognitive Core and Its Processing” written by Angela B. Chrysler, I define the Cognitive Core as the “abstract concept used by the Subconscious Mind to Define Perspectives, False or True, through the alignment of Elements.”

The Elements have two categories:

  • Foundational Elements:
    • 1 – Truth (Frequency)
    • 2 – Identity (Love)
    • 3 – Ethics
    • 4 – Beliefs
  • The Defense System:
    • 1 – Communication (Boundaries Spoken)
    • 2 – Actions (Boundaries Enforced)

Foundational Elements + Defense System = The Perspective (Point of View or Story)


  • Truth is “The Vibrational Frequency” of a referred Individual or group.
  • Perspective is defined as “Point of View.”
  • Identity is defined as Self-Love and is composed of our Likes, Desires, Dreams, Wants, Ambitions, and Hopes.
  • Ethics is Defined by morally, what an Individual deems is right or wrong based on their Identity.
  • Beliefs are the statements, logical or illogical, that we develop through data received via the five senses, Vibrational Frequency, Instinct, and our Intuition.
  • Vibrational Frequency is defined as the Energy inside of us that tells us when something “feels good” or “feels bad” or “feels off.” (At this time, for the sake of study, this is not our Intuition or our Instinct as many people think it is nor does that debate have any bearing on the subject presented here).


Logic, deductive reasoning, and the skill and comprehension of building a healthy and correct perspective as outlined in Philosophy is the solution to curing mental illness, discord, cognitive dissonance, and all mental health.

Optimum Mental health is a metric based solely on a single person’s ability to pursue, obtain, and maintain happiness defined and measured by their own agenda and personal truth. To do this, the individual requires their mental function and subconscious mind to be running and operating at full and optimum mental capacity.

When Mental function is not at optimum mental capacity, the Subconscious Mind releases a series of “fail safes” that trigger human behavior to forcefully override and alter the individual’s behavior in an effort to adapt to a fearful and/or dangerous situation to “keep the individual safe.”

Safety, is defined based off of actions and behavior as depicted in the study of psychology as preserving an environment that guarantees the most minimum amount of mental and physical damage and fear to the individual.

Because the Subconscious mind runs exactly like an AI on Auto-pilot, the Subconscious Mind has an agenda, or single programmed rule: Keep the Individual Safe, which is designed to override the Conscious Mind’s own Agenda: Pursue, obtain, and maintain Happiness.

When Mental Function declines, the Subconscious Mind conflicts with the Conscious Mind and will alter actions and behaviors subconsciously to divert and “steer” or direct the Consciousness away from any and all “perceived” danger in an attempt to keep the individual safe via “adapting” to the abusive environment. The Individual subconsciously adapts via Mental Illness.

However, the Subconscious Mind is an AI and lacks consciousness. It is designed to expend the least amount of energy to achieve its mission.

The problem arises, not in the Subconscious Mind, but in the Conscious Mind where Conscious Awareness is absent. In most cases, the Conscious Mind is unaware of the “reasoning” and “function” of the Subconscious Mind due to the seemingly complex layout of the Subconscious Mind and our cultural lack of this knowledge.

This Essay is designed to clarify and provide a logical explanation of the seemingly “illogical” Function and behavior of the Subconscious Mind.

Part #1 – The Problem and the Solution

The mental health and function is solely dependent on the overall health and operation of the individual’s Perspective.

Through observation, we can see how an individual with a primarily negative belief system and/or negative life experiences result in a negative perspective. Likewise, a primarily positive belief system and/or positive life experiences result in a positive perspective.

Perspectives are the Individual’s conclusions, which, when applied to the rules and laws outlined in Philosophy, are Conclusions based on a series of Ethics and Beliefs. Mental Illness develops when, as we see in Philosophy, False Premise are used in place of Beliefs and/or Ethics that result in a False Conclusions: AKA, False Perspective. This illogic, results in Cognitive Dissonance, which produces a dichotomy and contradiction within the Subconscious Mind of the Individual.

As a result, an Individual with a False Perspective due to ill-reasoning, can produce:

1 – Multiple, Contradicting Conclusions within the Mind that result in the corresponding behavior as “Mood Swings.” The Subconscious Mind attempting to align with multiple contradicting conclusions at the same time.

2 – Cognitive Dissonance when a false premise (Belief or Ethic) is forcefully embedded into an individual’s Subconscious Mind through abuse or a traumatic event, altering the Individual’s Perspective into a False Conclusion.

3 – Mental Illness and Disfunction resulting from the Fear System attempting to “keep the Individual safe” by adapting their behavior to a harmful and/or toxic environment and/or stimuli.

Because the Cognitive Function within an Individual is solely developed and based on the Elements as they are defined by the Individual’s Truth (Frequency), Identity, Ethics, and Beliefs any contradicting alteration, no matter how slight, will produce a misalignment within the Individual that will produce Discomfort, Pain, and/or Mental Illness.

This process is referred to as Trauma.

When this Cognitive Dissonance occurs, The Subconscious Mind uses a series of emotions, which the Subconscious selects based on the type and severity of mis-alignment of its elements. Like a series of Checks and Balances as outlined in Philosophy, the Subconscious Mind adjusts for the Misalignment and alters the behavior accordingly in an attempt to force a corrected alignment to compensate for the illogic.

Hormones are released in the brain and produce emotions to communicate this illogic, misalignment, and damage to the Conscious Mind. In most cases, if the Individual is educated in Deductive Reasoning and Logic, and made aware of the Emotions and this process of the Cognitive Core and its Function, the Conscious Mind would be able to use the emotions as queue’s to locate the illogic, identify the invasive false premise, and remove them accordingly using logic and formal debate.

This process would preserve the Alignment and Balance of the Cognitive Core ensuring a preserved Perspective that operates at Optimum Mental Health.

Likewise, based upon the Conclusions of a False Perspective, a logical individual would be able to identify which false Premise is present in the Patient and eliminate the offending logic.

Once the misalignment is corrected, and the Perspective restored to the logical conclusion to correspond with the System’s Alignment, the Subconscious Mind, designed to pursue the path of least resistance and preserve Energy, would remove the Mental Illness and the emotions and hormones produced from Cognitive Dissonance would end.

Thus, emotions are highly logical and are reflective of the overall Mental Health and Status of the Cognitive Function.

The Subconscious Mind adheres to logic and is void of all Consciousness.

The Conscious Mind, once made aware of this information as a logical solution for Mental Illness, could pursue the study of logic and Deductive Reasoning for the sake of correcting and maintaining Optimum Mental Health.

This would eliminate the need for therapy, medications, and hospitalizations. It would reduce the risk and eliminate suicide and death associated with Mental Illness. Poverty, Homelessness, Estrangement, Violence, Aggression, Depression, Dissociation, Personality Disorders, and Addiction all resulting from Mental Illness would be eliminated with the implementation of Logic and Deductive Reasoning, Emotional Management, a Self-Care Regimen designed to Nurture, Empower, and Define the Self, and full comprehension of the Cognitive Core and its Function.

Part #2 – Prevention of Further Damage to the Cognitive Core and Mental Function

An Individual with a Well-Defined Cognitive Core — Truth (Frequency), Identity, Ethics, and Beliefs — can deter and prevent an Invasive False Premise from entering the System through Conscious Awareness. This can be done using the Individual’s Defense System: Communication of Boundaries and the Enforcement of Boundaries to keep the Individual safe for Invasive False Premise.

The more skilled the Individual is at deterring Invasive False Premise by exercising its Defense and Communication System, the more likely the Individual’s Mental Function will remain preserved and unaltered by abuse and third parties, leaving the Mental Function free from Mental Illness and Disfunction.

Part #3 – Early Childhood and the Effects of Invasive False Premise

In the case of younger Individuals, who are in the process of Defining their Cognitive Core — Truth (Frequency), Identity, Ethics, and Beliefs — it is up to the Caregivers (Examples: Mother and Father) to ensure the safety and preservation of the Child’s Unaltered Cognitive Core.

The preservation of our Children’s Cognitive Core and its Function is vital to the health and mental development of our Culture, Society, and Species.

However, in most cases, caregivers are consciously unaware of the Cognitive Function and suffer from their own Mental Illness and disfunction from a misaligned Cognitive Core due to Invasive False Premise that was supplanted from ignorance, neglect, and/or abuse. Resulting in multiple generations with rapidly declining Mental Function.

Upon birth, an individual’s Cognitive Core is predetermined by Nature. Truth (Frequency), Identity, Ethics, and Beliefs come to the child based on the child’s characteristics and traits determined all by what the child loves, values, and deems “Important.” These loves, values, and Objects of Deemed Importance form the Child’s Ethics. It is imperative that an Individual’s Belief, Behavior, and Perspectives all enforce and align with the Individual’s Truth (Frequency) and Identity (Love).

However, caregivers with a malicious, ill-conceived, and/or self-serving agenda use the child to mirror their own False Perspective reflective of their Mental Illness/religion/politics/culture in an attempt to correct and/or enforce the Mental Adaptation of their subconscious Mind required for safety. As a result, most caregivers take great care to alter the child’s Cognitive Core to reflect and mirror their own agenda, instead of preserving the Child’s Cognitive Core.

The child’s Subconscious Mind interprets this alteration from the caregiver and/or abuser as an Invasive False Premise, which contradicts the child’s Cognitive Core — Truth (Frequency), Identity, Ethics, and Beliefs — and the child’s Subconscious Mind makes the appropriate alterations in the False Perspective to adapt accordingly.

Part #4 – Correction of the Cognitive Core and Mental Function

Conscious Awareness of this knowledge with the mastered and applied skills in logic and deductive reasoning, can disrupt the continued threat, correct invasive false premise, and end this process of generational mental illness inherited from parents.

Part #5 – Heartbreak

In the case of Heartbreak, there is no Invasive False Premise that leads to a False Perspective. Instead, it is the Cognitive Dissonance, the Dichotomy between who or what an Individual loves, aka the Object of Own’s Affection, and the Ethic to preserve one’s Self in the event that the Object of Own’s Affection develops behavior or characteristics that logically requires the termination or alteration of the relationship.

Heartbreak develops when the Individual resists the necessary changes in their relationship to continue Optimum Mental Health, creating a unique Cognitive Dissonance within the Cognitive Core between the Elements Love, Ethics, and a changing Perspective that results in an undesirable future.

In this case, Loss is experienced.

Part #6 – Prolonged Grief and The Changing of a Perspective

Throughout life, change is inevitable, and the Cognitive Core is designed to adapt accordingly. In an Individual with Optimum Mental Health, the Elements of the Cognitive Core — Truth (Frequency), Identity, Ethics, and Beliefs — act as the Individual’s compass and coordinates in Life. All Actions, Behaviors, Communications, and Perspectives must align to this compass.

In the event that changes are made to the Core Elements within the Cognitive Core — Truth (Frequency), Identity, Ethics, and Beliefs — the Perspective, Actions, Behaviors, and Communications must adjust accordingly to maintain alignment and preserve Optimum Mental Health and Function.

However, through a series of events I refer to as “The Stages of Cognitive Core Processing” as detailed in The Cognitive Core and Its Processing written by Angela B. Chrysler, the Perspective undergoes adjustment to reflect the new changes accordingly. This process produces a series of emotions throughout the Processing, communicating to the Conscious Mind the status and overall function of the Cognitive Core.

As the Cognitive Core Processing progresses through the Stages, the Perspective shifts from the Obsolete Perspective to the New Perspective, and the Individual assesses the new Perspective and takes inventory on its losses, gains, and changes. During this process, the Individual determines if these changes are desired or undesired based on their Identity and Truth (Frequency).

Emotions are produced by the Subconscious Mind’s Cognitive Core Processing to communicate each stage of the Processing. The emotion severity, type, and degree is determined by the damage and/or changes taking place in the Cognitive Core. It is important to note that the severity of damage depends on two factors:

1 – Significant Shifting required between two Perspectives

2 – Sudden or unexpected changes made that left no time for adjusting to the required Shift.

The Individual Consciously compares the changes to their Identity to determine if the changes are desired or undesired.

If an undesired Perspective is forming, the Individual may resist the change.

Upon resistance, the Subconscious Mind may detect “danger” and, to “keep the Individual Safe,” will “reject” the offending Premise and halt Cognitive Core Processing, freezing the Individual in an indefinite emotional state.

The four emotional states that could cause delay are:

1 – Grief in which the Individual remains in a fixed state of disbelief that they have experienced significant loss. Resulting in a rejection of the belief.

2 – Negotiation in which the Individual remains in a fixed state of negotiating terms. We see this often with unwanted breakups.

3 – Anger in which the individual begins to identify betrayal or abuse that results in pain so severe that the Subconscious Mind rejects the offending Premise before the full Perspective change can complete.

4 – Depression in which the Individual concludes their own false premise leading to an undesirable false perspective that leaves them in a state of prolonged Depression and sadness.

Part #7 – Forecasting

Upon the Completion of a Proper Perspective Shift in which losses and gains needed to be assessed, the Individual’s skills in Forecasting accurate losses and gains is solely dependent upon the Individual’s levels of optimism and/or pessimism. In the case of “self-proclaimed realists,” the Individual, in actuality, is educated in the matters of forecasting and has the education to conduct accurate and more precise forecasting.

Individual’s relying on optimism and/or pessimism, has the disadvantage of inaccurate forecasting, which most likely will result in an incorrect Perspective that will require adjusting once the losses and/or gains are identified and become known in the form of new Data received for processing.

In the cases of severe inaccurate forecasting, the Cognitive Core will be required to repeat Processing until the Perspective is completely aligned with the Elements.

Part #8 – Dissociation

In an Individual with Optimum Mental Health, Emotions can be used as messages from the Subconscious Mind to determine the best course of action with which to soothe and comfort the Self to prevent “danger” from being perceived by The Subconscious Mind.

In an Individual who lacks Conscious Awareness and Emotional Management, the usual course of action is to suppress or ignore the emotions received from the Subconscious Mind. The Subconscious Mind, as if determined to get the message through, increases the intensity of the emotion. Upon receipt of this louder and, more painful emotion, the Conscious Mind usually continues to ignore and suppress the emotions received.

This often results in an on-going back and forth exchange between the Subconscious Mind attempting to communicate the misalignment in the Cognitive Core due to an Invasive False Premise that is causing significant Cognitive Dissonance.

Over time, the Subconscious Mind attempts to “correct” this misalignment, and, instead of rejecting the Invasive False Premise, it rejects and amputates a part or all of the Identity and Truth (Frequency).

In the Process of Amputation of the Identity and Truth, Dissociative Identity Disorder results.

In the most severe of cases, Individual’s lose the ability to Dream, Love, Hope, and Imagine, and self-Preservation itself is compromised.

Feelings of Rejection, Abandonment, Emptiness, and Loss of Self is introduced to the Individual.

Part #9 – Triadic Healing Designed for Restoration and Full Recovery of the Individual to their Natural State of Optimum Mental Health

Triadic Healing presents the concept of “Life Titans” defined as:

  • Identity Revived through Self-Care
  • Subconscious Mind Disciplined with Logic
  • Conscious Awareness Raised through Information, Knowledge, and Understanding

Gratitude, Bucket Lists, and daily, mindful practice of Self-Care, Meditation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Logic and Deductive Reasoning, and Communication, when partnered with this knowledge, has the ability to:

  • Revive and restore Identity and Truth (Frequency)
  • Restore the Communication and Defense System
  • Turn off the Fear System that generates Mental Illness
  • Remove Invasive False Premise
  • Align and Balance the Cognitive Core
  • Raise overall Conscious Awareness

This Restoration Process can return an Individual to their Natural intended state of Optimum Mental Health where they are free to pursue, obtain, and maintain their happiness without interference from their Subconscious Mind.

With Triadic Healing, people gain the ability, direction, and know-how to correct their own lives with little to no help from on-going decades of therapy.

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