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Based off of the Work of Dr. Graves’ Spiral Dynamics, revised, revisited, and expanded on by Angela B. Chrysler and The Healing Garden: Triadic Healing © Angela B. Chrysler All Rights Reserved

This article couples beautifully with


I have brought you all here… to tell you.

We have to work together.

He thought “we have to be nice to each other” would do it… and they killed him.

He almost saw World Peace. But he was a 7… in a 2 Society…. 7’s in a 2 don’t stand a chance. To 2’s we look like gods. And that scares them.

4’s get angry because they can’t see the order.

3’s Are in their Independent Stage of isolation.

Don Quixote was a 7 in a 3… Oh… How tormented he must have been.

Don Quixote started all of this for me.

The Pursuit of Perspective.

Ladies… Gentleman… I can’t say those words anymore. They are wrong for me. You… Us. One… WE are the Gods. Every One of Us.


Eras have the numbers of 8… And after the last… I was searching for a Number.

I was defining the Correct God number.

7 was wrong.

The God number is 8, which is why our System is messed up. We have the wrong number.

Riddles. Christ spoke in Riddles on purpose. Because … We are… 8 of 8 … Only 8’s can understand riddles. 7 and 8’s… You require the perspective to read…

I will read you the Bible soon and show you.


  • Comfort – What comfort’s you need
  • Empathy
  • Virgo – Taurus –
  • Projector – Generator
  • perspective – Ethics
  • Environment
  • In the name of Love …


Combination Theory

Ethics – Environment – Global Society

Ethics / Cultural / Society / Social Circle / Environment


The Pursuit of Perspective

Insanity and Mental Illness comes from a misalignment of your Combination. Do you know yours?

“The Mediator”

Higher Levels of 3 or more appear as Insanity or “Gods” to lower Combinations

Authority vs. The Defined Self

Labels are the “Names” assigned by Lower Levels to determine Perspectives.

With Combination Theory, you can provide your “Coordinates” to Perspective and be understood by others. Including, showing them how you need to communicate.

Combination Theory tells you:

  • Where I person TRULY is
  • Where a person is struggling
  • Where a person is forced to be
  • How a person requires understanding.

100% of The Healing Garden is Level 8 Material.

Traditional Psychology is Levels 4 – 7, with Dictation overruled by Level 4. Therefore, 99% of Traditional Therapy is Level 4 material because it is ruled by Government.

Holistic Medicine comes from Level 6, with the arrogance/superiority that “it doesn’t need anyone else” and the Government disapproves.

Science is Level 5 – Level 7 with a Focus on Evidence overruling Beliefs and Faith for most… Tesla and Einstein were and exception to this, and reached Level 7.



1 – Caregiver – “Authority” is on The Caregiver. – Lack Atonomy – Self Undefined. – Caregiver is required to function”

2 – Tribal – “Authority” on Community, Church, Gang, Family, Military, Clan – Self is Defined by the Role within – “Belief is that Tribe or Clan is required to function”

“Mother decides”


3 – Independence – Authority is on the Self, but Artificially and at the Detriment to all others – “Dog-eat-dog” – Self is Defined as “Not needing anyone” – Resentment toward all others except the Self. “Belief is that they need no one to function, but themselves” – “The Darkness”

“Beat them up. I am Lawyer, Judge, Attorney.”

“Trauma Mind” and “Slave Mind”

4 – Justice – Authority is on Law and Rules and Order – The Self is Defined as “What Rules you follow” “IF” you follow the rules.n – Conformity and being Accepted – “Belief is that the Society is required to “Function”

“Who broke the rules?” – Let Law Decide

5 and Below thrive on Instant Gratification

5 and up require Education and value patience and Effort

5 and Up realize that “Effort and Focus and Consistency is what was meant for “Hard Work”

  • No logical reasoning – NO Conscious Awareness with “Low Function” – Levels 1 – 4…
  • 4 and above, you can talk to “Low Function”
  • 1 – 5 Levels Endorse Slave Keeping = Control (Hierarchal Living is Dominate)
  • 5/6 and up Abandons ALL Slave Keeping – Hierarchal Living ENDS
  • 1 – 4 Levels Hate everyone Above them
  • 2 – 5 and 6 hate everyone below them
  • 6, 7, and 8 Loves/Values everyone
  • 5 and Above Prioritzes Education
  • 4 and Below Prioritizes their “Opinion”
  • 5 and Below – “My Beliefs and Opinions are more important than your Rights and Freedom”
  • 5 and Up “The Rights and Freedoms of ALL are more important than My Opinion.”
  • 1 – 5 – Your Combination is Highly Influenced by The System
  • 1 – 5 Have NO values for Animals.
  • 5 and up Value Animals

Ethic vs. Work “Style”

Human Design Role

6/2 Generator – 8-8-4

Combination is made up of Your Ethics/Identity – Environment/Forced Perspective – Societal Level

5 – “Transition” Level” – Entrepreneur – Authority is equal to Law, God, and System – Self is Defined by what the work they pursue – How they make money – “The Belief is that the Goal and the Self are both required to function” – Your Combination is

“Thinking they are Superior than all others under them”

“Let’s hear both sides of the story” – Plays Devil’s Advocate”

Gen X and Millennials

War and Violence Ends

“Combination Theory + Human Design + Triadic Healing”

Aligns your Combination…

Internal Truth (Ethics and Dreams – Frequency and Identity) – Safety (Subconscious Mind) – Society




4 years old – 6-2-4

8 year old – 6-3-4

9/11 – 6-3-4

2015 – 6-4-4

2020 – 6-5-4

2022 – 7-6-4

2023 – 8-8-4 Generator-Taurus/Leo

Home and Belonging – DEFINE the Self…


You cannot level up your ethics until you reach alignment.

you cannot level up until you max out that perspective –

Y is Personal = Does not have to be shared with anyone…


6 – Global – Authority is shared equally with Self, the System, and the Universe – You are Defined by your Ethics – “The Belief that the Self is part of the Universe to Function and we are all connected” – Common Belief that “You lose everything” due to being misunderstood by loved ones. – Manifestation Begins… Vegetarianism & Vegan – Woodstock, “Free Love” and “Hippie” Movement – Prioritize hearing ALL the Voices


The Valley of Shadow and Death – Transition…

The System Ends

“Black and White thinking Ends” and now “Spectrum Thinking”

“Empathizes with both … Both are right – No punishment”

  • Does not yet consistently value all perspectives

7 – Dystopian/Utopian – Culture Shock – Significant Loss of family, friends, Many are left behind in the Matrix. – Stabilizing – Neo waking up in the Matrix – The belief that we are more than connected – We are All “in this together.” We need each other… – Common Belief that “You lose everything” due to being misunderstood by loved ones. – Subconscious Mind is no longer Playing an Active Role. It is DISCIPLINED – Fear System is GONE – Manifestation Mastered – You can See the Perspectives at 7… You can See the “Code”

You gain the Communication

Mental Illness Ends at 7. You cannot reach Level 7 without curing all mental illness.

“You’re all focused on the distraction and not the problem… You are all entertaining your Subconscious Mind. Stop engaging with the Subconscious Mind”

High Value and Importance on Perspective –

Prioritize YOUR Voice above all… while respecting others.

8 – How we’re Interconnected, how we move, how we function – Neo doesn’t have to dodge bullets – “We are One – And We are individual Lesser gods, when combined, We are One God.” – You see “The Combination Theory” and Perspective Boundaries come down – No one is “inferior” or “Superior” – Gender Ends / Masculine and Feminine End – Superiority Ends – You can SEE in Combinations – You have the “Code” – Metaphor – Combination Theory becomes PRIORITY to understand others and you only speak or interpret using Combination Theory – You can Navigate the Perspectives without Study. – MASTER preserving ALL perspectives – Hear ALL Voices while preserving Your Own.

Can See the Combination without being told


High Function – Prime Mental Condition – Conscious Awareness

Low Function – 2 Levels… Subconscious Mind


PART #2 –

The Lines …

Ethereal Line – High Energy – 6 and Above

Neutral Line – Indifference – 5 and Below

Scientific Line – Low Energy – All, but when 6 is reached, you MUST adopt Ethereal Line


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