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The Teacher’s Journey
Triadic Healing Part #2
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Welcome to Philosophy. It is the Knowledge of how the Mind moves, Ignites, Retracts, Grows, and Shapes.

And the Mind is the Philosopher’s medium much like the clay is the sculptors medium.

But the clay is not yours to mold.
The old aldage “Molding a Mind like clay” violates the true Nature of the Clay.

In truth, the Student Mind is unformed, undiscovered, and already set. The Mind will choose, move, decide, and love exactly what it is meant to choose, move, decide, and love.

The real question is, “at what quality” and “at what Potential Level?”

Traditional Educational Systems are conditioned to break the Mind into the Pre-Determined Curriculum leaving like an excavator cutting the Earth.

A Wise Teacher will move instead like the River Naturally over the Earth to polish it gently into its Natural Truth.

“It is not possible to know something and to not affect it.” Which is why Philosophers and Wise Teachers above all others know and appreciate the Fragility of the Mind.

True Mind Sculpting is not sculpting at all, but is Nurturing the Self into its own Freedom. The Journey itself is hard enough. The Teacher must be as uninvolved with “The Quest” as the NPC.

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