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Triadic Healing Part #2
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The purpose of Triadic Healing is to become Consciously Aware of your Perspective Scope and to Master the Discipline of “Adjusting” your Scope in any direction, Focus, Position, and Point on any given demand.

To begin, we require a Control Group so you can see your Point of Origin, which will become your Metric for Growth to your Destination. Your Point of Origin is vital in Anchoring you to a Point of Relativity.

Before you begin, Write down Art, Communication, and Science on a paper. Which of these is your favorite? Which of these do you dislike? Which of these are your strengths? Which are your weakest? 


How do you feel about Art?

How do you feel about Logic? 

How do you feel about Math?

How do you feel about talking and communication?

How do you feel about Physics?

How do you feel about science?


Keep your answers. At the end of Course #2, you will be asked to return to Assignment #1.

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