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Triadic Healing Part #2
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Plan on Two years. Just to Set Up and to work out all of your Mental Issues, plan on two years. Maybe even 5 years. 

There is a LOT that a business needs that gets missed, lost, and forgotten. Most of your time is going to be translating the Dream from Vision to Reality, while your Subconscious Mind and the Forbidden Fruit Paradox argues with you to “take the easy road” or “take the realistic path.”

Noisy Know Nothings will give you red herrings with their wrong words, hi-jacking your RAS from your Subconscious Mind, which can (and will) set you back for 6 months to a year if you are not vigilant.

And, in most cases, you won’t even fully understand your Vision until the last piece clicks into place and suddenly EVERYTHING will make sense. 

A great example of this is The Healing Garden. 

I was told by EVERY Narcissistic Business Model that: 

  • I couldn’t do 4 Businesses into One
  • I needed to focus on just One
  • I HAD to pick ONE topic and Demographic
  • I HAD to have a high-ticket Price ONLY for the Super Rich
  • I could not cater to EVERYONE

I broke EVERY SINGLE ONE of these “rules.”

In fact, my Ethics would NOT ALLOW ME to work on ANY of The Profit Side of The Healing Garden until, and unless the Non-Profit side was done and complete. 

I had no idea, but, apparently, The Disadvantage Come First. THE HOUR that I finished the Non-Profit Side, the Profit Side flood gates OPENED UP, and I could work on all of it! It was done in 4 hours and I was FINALLY open for business. 

FACT : Your Ethics will dictate EVERYTHING about your Business Model FIRST AND FOREMOST. If you do not know what your Ethics are, you will NOT be able to go far. 

The Mother Nature’s Business Model is 100% in compliance with the 12 Ethics. 

YOU DO NOT HAVE A MONEY BLOCK. What you have is, most likely, an Ethical Conundrum! 

YOU DO NOT HAVE “IMPOSTER SYNDROME.” What you have is, most likely, The Forbidden Fruit Paradox.

We walk you through 100% of your Set Up IN THE RIGHT ORDER, and we teach you how to safe guard your RAS so Red Herrings don’t pull you off track. 

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