Triadic Healing Part #2

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About Course

This Course is laid out beautifully here. I am in the process of transferring that Document to this Online Course. You may follow either one, which ever is easier for you. You can print out the Document Course as a PDF, Triadic Healing part #2 Curriculum.

What you will be learning here:

  • The Naming
  • The Owning
  • The Integration

“If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

Triadic Healing Part is designed to Open your Higher Thinking and train you in Life Skills. It is designed to restore your Identity to you, Return you to your Learning Journey, and Train you how to Discipline Your Subconscious Mind, Manage your 7-Part Mental System, and reach Optimum Mental Wealth.

  1. Follow The Triadic Healing Program in the correct Order of Operations (Important)
  2. Repeat Triadic Healing 3 Times
  3. Partner this up with the 12 Ethics Email Challenge (Important)
  4. Partner this with the Academic Disciplines as provided in Plato’s Curriculum (Coming Soon)
  5. Add Journey Into The Self to your Healing Journey Plan for Exploratory Dialogues and Discussion
  6. Practice the Life Skills in Real Life Practical Application (Important) alongside Triadic Healing (Coming Soon)
  7. Join PANDO to nourish your Healing Garden Community for support while you heal.

Cultivators and Patrons can supplement The Healing Garden Educational System with additional “Side Quest” Courses and Anna’s Business Diagnostics Services.

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What Will You Learn?

  • How Humans and Animals connect with each other through Physics.
  • Power Economics.
  • How Power, Force, and Energy is leveraged in our Psychology.
  • How to use this information to Optimize your:
  • 👉 Teaching
  • 👉 Parenting
  • 👉 Relationships
  • 👉 Business
  • 👉 Network
  • 👉 Friendships
  • 👉 Mental Health
  • 👉 Communication Skills

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